‘Survivor’ 2017 Cast: NFL Player Alan Ball’s Wild Strategy In Season 35 Episode 1 Premiere

Survivor 2017 is off with a bang, and the Season 35 premiere episode titled ‘I’m Not Crazy, I’m Confident’ may be an ode to Alan Ball’s wild strategy to disrupt a potential power couple before they are formed. The NFL player retired from football this year, and now, he is taking on Survivor.

As a physical threat, Alan Ball easily formed an alliance with three members of his tribe Ben, Ashely, and JP. Before the Heroes tribe could go to tribal council, Alan Ball became suspicious about Ashley and JP’s budding friendship and accused JP of hiding an immunity idol to put a target on their backs.

It seems like Alan did not want to vote them out just yet because he voted with them to eliminate Olympic swimmer Katrina. Many fans were puzzled as to why Chrissy did not use the super-idol to save Katrina, but there is more to their so-called alliance.

Some fans suggested that saving Katrina will paint a bigger target on her while others thought that she might not have read the powers of the immunity idol properly. However, Katrina has a better explanation, which you can read below.

It is unclear at this point whether Alan Ball will form another alliance with Chrissy and Ben in the next episode to take out the suspected power couple in JP and Ashley.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Probst gave his two cents on Alan Ball’s strategy, stating the following.

“Is there a plan in place for Alan? My initial hunch is yes, he knows he is coming off a bit scattered, but it’s a worthy risk. He also may really believe that he saw something happen between them and so he’s hedging his bet a bit.”


Katrina, who was voted out first, provided some more insight as to why Chrissy did not use the super-idol to save her. Katrina said that her relationship with Chrissy wasn’t what it seemed, and the two were not working together.

She felt that Chrissy was out to get her and described Alan Ball as paranoid after the idol accusations aimed at JP. Survivor Season 35 Episode 2 teases a budding alliance between Chrissy and Ben, and Jeff Probst says that there is an interesting fishing sequence and a lot of idol hunting from the cast.

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