Susan Smith, Mother Who Drowned Her Two Toddlers In 1994, Is In Trouble Again

It’s been 23 year years since Susan Smith, a mother of two toddlers — Michael, 3, and Alex, 14 months — drowned them in a lake. Smith made national headlines when she told police her car was hijacked with her young kids inside the vehicle.

At first, the police believed her. Smith appeared on television for more than a week, begging the people who had her children return them to her safely. They had no real reason to doubt her story, but her inconsistencies and inability to recall certain facts revealed the truth. The mother of two confessed to strapping her children into their car seats and rolling her car into a lake.

Smith claims the plan went wrong as she had planned to commit suicide but “chickened out.” She has insisted that even though she murdered her children, she wasn’t a bad mother. She was feeling “off” that day.

She was convicted of two counts of murder and is serving a life sentence. Susan, now 46, has not been the model prisoner and has landed in trouble multiple times.

According to Inside Edition, she faced punishment for having sex with two different correctional officers. In 2000, she was disciplined for having sex four times with a prison guard. In 2001, a prison captain pleaded guilty to having sex with Susan.

Aside from the sex offenses, she received infractions for self-mutilation and possession of narcotics/marijuana.

The correctional officers who engaged in sexual intercourse with Smith lost their jobs and faced legal charges. Susan lost many of privileges such as commissary, phone, and visitation.

Susan works as a landscape worker and is not permitted to give any phone interviews. However, three years ago, she wrote a letter to the local paper insisting that despite the fact she murdered her toddlers, she was a good mother.

Smith wrote that she realizes that America thinks she is a monster who killed her young sons, but she was a great mother to them. She claimed that on that day, something went wrong and she was “not herself.”

Are you surprised that Susan Smith has had a hard life behind bars? Do you believe that she was a good mother and just snapped on the day of the murder?

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