September 27, 2017
Michelle Obama Video: Women 'Voted Against Their Own Voice' When Choosing Trump

President Donald Trump was put into the highest office in the land in part by women who "voted against their own voice," according to former First Lady Michelle Obama. As seen in the below video, Michelle spoke at the Inbound marketing conference in Boston, and she had a lot of information to share about the Trump administration and the women who voted to help put him there. Although Michelle told the audience that the Obamas "want the sitting president to be successful," it was hard to leave the White House knowing that a "peanut gallery of people" would be taking over.

President Trump's female voters "voted against their own voice" because they looked at Trump and said, "He's better for me. His voice is more true to me."

In the wake of the Access Hollywood tape making the news, wherein Trump was caught on tape telling Billy Bush that he grabbed women and kissed them without asking and could "grab 'em by the p****," CNN reported hearing from women who voted for Trump that they didn't agree with Trump's words, but they didn't care enough to change their votes to Hillary Clinton. On the campaign trail, many female Trump voters simply said they didn't like Hillary.

Michelle said that a vote for Hillary shouldn't have been a focus on what it meant for Hillary -- but what it meant for women at large. However, Obama said that for women to look at Trump and Hillary and to say to themselves that Trump was better for them and that Donald's voice was truer than Hillary's voice, those female Trump voters must not have liked their own voices. Instead, Michelle said that women who voted for Trump like the things that they are told they should like, instead of being independent enough to listen to their own voices.

"You like the thing you're told to like."
As reported by, Obama was speaking in a question-and-answer session with Roxane Gay at the Inbound marketing conference. During the event, Michelle criticized Trump's "America first" rhetoric. Obama not only focused on the women who voted for Trump, but she also joked about what it was like to spend the last night in the White House when her girls requested a sleepover. Michelle also spoke about both her and former President Barack Obama writing books about their experiences.

Michelle Obama
Former First Lady Michelle Obama. [Image by Jason Bahr/Getty Images]

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