Cubes Of Human Skin Found Inside Michigan Drain Pipe

Warren, MI – Two cubes of human “skin and fat” were recently discovered inside a sewer drain pipe by workers. Authorities said the remains were intricately cut into four-by-four squares.

Good Morning America reports the cubes of human skin were found stuck to a grating in the Detroit suburb. Workers said they found the pieces after water had been completely drained from the pipe.

Detective Mel Nearing explained to ABC News that the remains must have been recently dumped in the sewer. Had the skin been inside the pipe for any length of time, decomposition would have been much further along.

Nearing also stated the cubes were cut with extreme precision, leading investigators to believe the victim’s body was probably frozen at the time it was mutilated.

Authorities believe the cubes of human skin could be linked to another gruesome discovery made by workers in Sterling Heights earlier this year. Given the other pieces were collected from a nearby drainage pipe, police believe there could be a connection between the two.

The Daily Mail reports that several slivers of human skin featuring sections of a tattoo were found last August. In both cases, only skin and fat were found inside the pipes. No body parts have been unearthed as of this writing.

Analysis of the tattooed skin revealed the victim was likely a large white woman of undetermined age. A forensics team will look over the cubed skin to see if it belongs to same individual.

Should the recent collection of human remains belong to someone else, police worry they could be dealing with a serial killer.

“We have no idea who [the victim] could be,” Warren Police Detective Sergeant Steve Mills explained to the Detroit Free Press. He added that the next step in the investigation was to “get this typed for DNA.”

What do you think about the cubes of human skin that were found inside a Warren, Michigan drain pipe?

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