September 27, 2017
'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Spoilers: Andrew Lincoln Teases Killer Rivalry With Negan And Storyline Curveballs

The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers tease "All-Out War." It is going to be a bloody and brutal battle between the communities. Recently, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, teased a killer rivalry with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. He also hinted that the storylines would have plenty of curveballs.

TWD Season 8 spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is coming up on the AMC series.

In an interview with TV Insider, Andrew Lincoln discussed what fans could expect when the show airs new episodes next month. Everyone anticipates a war between Rick and Negan, which will involve the surrounding communities. However, the actor revealed that there would be a killer rivalry between the two leaders.

Even though there are some viewers that would love to see Rick kill Negan, Lincoln has a different perspective. He really loves the relationship between the two men. The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers tease that Rick and Negan both see parts of each other in themselves. This has been something that fans have noticed, as well.

At times, it is easy to determine who the heroes and villains are, but these two men have gray areas. Rick has done horrible things in the name of survival. As for Negan, he seems like a bad guy, but he has taken care of his people, although his methods of doing so are highly questionable. Even Melissa McBride recently admitted that Negan might be considered evil, but the things he does are for survival, just like Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers reveal that there will be a lot of death during "All-Out War." Fans have to face the possibility that one day, maybe not this season, but eventually, Rick could die. Even Andrew Lincoln acknowledged this fact and had something to say about it.

"I'm sad hearing that. But if it happened in the series it would also be a huge relief. I love the idea of completion. This has been an astonishing ride, but I need to cash in at some point. I know some fans hope for a happy ending to the show — like a cure for the zombie virus, perhaps. But, knowing Kirkman, I wouldn't bet on it!"
It is safe to say that Rick will survive the battle with Negan this season. However, the future is unknown, and fans will have to wait and see what the writers have in store for the ZA sheriff.
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