Angelina Bans Teenage Son Maddox From Dating? Nope, His Love Life Is Up To Him

Angelina Jolie has experienced a massive change in her life since she announced her intentions to divorce Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt one year ago. The actress has admitted that the process since divorce and custody proceedings began has been quite painful, yet in her most recent interview with the New York Times, the beauty revealed that her family is doing much better.

Jolie also went on about how her children are her best friends and her support through all of the struggles she’s been facing as a single. However, recent reports indicate that Angelina may be holding on a little too tightly and be a bit resistant to any more changes happening regarding loved ones in her life. New claims have been made that her and Brad Pitt’s 16-year-old son is ready to date and that Jolie is banning anything of the sort.

Yahoo relays the words of a source who shares the supposed details about Ange’s dating ban.

“Maddox’s at that age where he wants to hang out at the mall with his friends and flirt with girls, but Angie’s got him on such a tight schedule that he feels smothered,” the insider states.

The source goes on to allege that Jolie “Doesn’t want Maddox getting interested in any girls” and also denies the teen any opportunities to take a girl out on dates, adding “it’s as though nobody’s good enough for him.” The insider then indicates that Angelina defends her decision to keep control over Maddox’s life because she wants the teen to “focus on his burgeoning movie career” since her eldest was able to assist on Jolie’s latest film, First They Killed My Father.

Of course, Maddox is reportedly finding it “unfair” that his mother is keeping him from dating, yet Gossip Cop has discovered that such claims and reports about Angelina Jolie hindering the teen’s chance at love are simply untrue.

The gossip policing site has uncovered the truth from a reliable source, close to the UN special envoy, who insists that claims about Jolie banning her son from dating are ridiculous and false, referring to the fabrication as “nonsense,” and noting that when it comes to Angelina’s parenting, she leaves it up to her kids to decide.

The culprit to spurring on this fabrication is OK!, a tabloid that has been known to purport false claims on the regular. This story has also been proven untrue.

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