Tiny Harris: Bernice Burgos Furious Over T.I. Reconciliation With Wife, Her Revenge Plan Revealed

Tiny Harris getting back with her estranged husband, T.I., has left Bernice Burgos furious, it’s been claimed.

According to Hollywood Life, the former exotic dancer can’t believe that the man she was allegedly dating over the summer has now ditched her to return to the supposed love of his life.

Back in December, Tiny Harris confirmed that she had filed for divorce from the 36-year-old, hinting that infidelity was the cause of her marriage falling apart, adding that she couldn’t stay with a cheater.

As months passed, it was rumored that T.I. had been dating Bernice but would never confirm the relationship in fear that he would eventually want to reconcile with his wife.

Turns out that the “Whatever You Like” rapper was right. While the romance between the duo only lasts a couple of months, it was enough for Burgos to believe that Tiny Harris was a thing of the past.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that the socialite is livid about the supposed fact that T.I. is now back with Tiny Harris because she had even told her friends and family that she was planning to spend the rest of her life with the music mogul.

At the time that the twosome was together, it was alleged that T.I. had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Bernice, ranging from cars to designers outfits and more.


And while the gifts were more than appreciated by Bernice, what she really wanted was for T.I. to make it clear that he would not be getting back with Tiny Harris.

It was just last week when the Xscape singer had made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, admitting that she is still married and that she is working things out with her husband, insisting that divorcing her man was out of the question.

Now that the mother-of-one clearly knows that T.I. is back with his wife, her chances to get with the rapper again are second to none.

Burgos allegedly believes that the hip-hop star needs a dose of his own medicine for playing with her heart, but no word as to what she has in store for the rapper’s fans as of yet.

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]