Mad Pooper’s Spokesman Emerges Citing Weird Pooping Rights For Female Jogger Defecating On Lawns

The Mad Pooper strikes again, but this time it is her spokesman making a public statement on her behalf. Apparently, she has plans to continue defecating on Colorado lawns because she is protected under the law when doing so, or so her spokesman claims.

Last week a mother in Colorado Springs was mortified when her young children came running into the house to tell her what they saw. This began the makings of the “Mad Pooper.”

The kids saw a female jogger stop on their lawn, drop her pants, and poop right there in full view of the kids and neighbors. That wouldn’t be the last time they would eye this woman emptying her bowels in public. Once the mom’s plight was in the news, others stepped out to say they’ve seen her pooping on lawns and even in a Walgreens parking lot.

When the mom, Cathy Budde, saw this woman defecating she confronted the jogger, who didn’t seem fazed at all that she was caught in the act, which was described last week by People Magazine. As time went by, Budde would see her jogging by the house and yet again poop on the neighborhood lawns. By now Budde had already notified the police, but this Mad Pooper still eludes them. Budde took pictures of the woman jogging by and, at the urging of the police, she posted them online in hopes someone would recognize her and call the police, but the Mad Pooper remains a mystery.

This week a man dubbing himself the “spokesman” for the woman dubbed the Mad Pooper has come out of the shadows to jump on YouTube. He doesn’t offer a name for himself or for the full name of the Mad Pooper, but he does refer to the defecating jogger as “Shirley.”

He first wants the public to know that Shirley is truly sorry for her defecating behavior, but it is something she cannot help, reports Fox News. The spokesman conveyed in the video how the Mad Pooper “is struggling after gender reassignment surgery.” He went on to say that she also “battles a traumatic brain injury.” The spokesman also added that Shirley “can no longer control herself after undergoing the reassignment surgery.”

Supposedly, it’s the Mad Pooper’s condition that causes her to have the urge to empty her bowels immediately no matter where she is. While this is bizarre, it is what the spokesman said next that takes the cake.

This spokesperson also declares that Shirley is perfectly within the rights of the law to squat and have a bowel movement on the lawns along her running route because of her condition. He claims that the actions of this jogger are protected under the First Amendment, and the government “cannot control when and where she decides to do her business.” These are the claims made by the spokesman on the YouTube video, which has since been taken down.

This is a claim that one lawyer highly disagrees with, according to KRDO News. Jeremy Loew, a criminal defense lawyer, “blasted” the claim that this female jogger is protected under the First Amendment. He said,

“Defecating in someone’s yard is definitely not protected under the First Amendment and it is actually a crime. This is actually the worst thing the family could do. Maybe they thought the videos would make the situation go away, but they won’t. People all over the world are talking about this, and police will catch her. The man in the video will also have to be called into court to testify.”

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