WWE News: Triple H Reveals Why He Takes Social Media Pictures With Some Superstars And Not All Of Them

While Triple H may not be completely done in the ring, it is obvious that his primary job is building the WWE empire and helping new superstars shine in the wrestling world. Many times, there are pics posted on social media showing the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creative for WWE with different tournament winners or up-and-coming stars. Still, he doesn’t take pictures with all of them, and that is done on purpose.

Fans have seen Triple H pose with tournament winners or those who pick up a championship for pictures that usually end up on Twitter, Facebook, or even WWE’s official website. Some have seen it as a bit of an ego thing and that he’s simply trying to get in on their moment, but Triple h says there is much more to it.

On a recent episode of the McMahonsplaining podcast, Triple H was asked about the pics he takes with different superstars. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., this is done as an attention-grabber, but not for the former world champion.

“You know why I take pictures with everybody? Because I’m more famous. When I do that, and I take a picture, just on Twitter alone I got six million people that see it when I tap that picture. I make them something bigger, and that’s the attempt.”

Honestly, that makes a lot of sense. Here is Triple H congratulating Kairi Sane after winning the Mae Young Classic.

As you can see, Triple H and William Regal both took a photo with Tyler Bate when he won the United Kingdom Championship.

wwe news triple h pictures superstars social media

There was also the time he posed with TJ Perkins, now known as TJP, after winning the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

wwe news triple h pictures superstars social media

While Triple H will pose with them after their big accomplishments, he doesn’t continue to jump in pictures with these stars. After they have established themselves as big names, he steps out of the photo because he now knows they no longer need him.

“When they don’t need it, I don’t stand next to them anymore. When people ask me, ‘Well, why didn’t you stand next to that guy when he won the title on SmackDown?’ He doesn’t need it. He didn’t need that promotion. If I can help them, I help them. If I can take them to another level, I try to take them to another level. That’s what this is all about, creating the future. If I can do that, and help create the future, then I do.”

He knows that those pictures with him in them need to be taken, even though it’s not necessarily something he enjoys doing.

Triple H knew how to do the right things to have an extremely successful in-ring career, and now, he wants to pass that knowledge to others. When he’s posing for pictures with up-and-coming superstars, he’s doing it for a specific purpose and knows that it will help elevate the attention needed at the time. Once they make it on their own, that’s when the WWE executive steps out of the spotlight and lets them do their own thing.

[Featured Image by WWE]