‘Clash Royale’ October 2017 Update Details Leaked! Quests and New Game Modes Confirmed?

Clash Royale, the massively popular mobile online game developed by Supercell, is scheduled to receive its biggest update to date. The October 2017 update will reportedly include a new feature called Quests and will also introduce a new Game Mode that is vastly different from anything players have seen. However, just a few weeks before the official update rolled out, a leak detailing the features surfaced online, and it seemingly confirmed the inclusion of the Quests and new Game Mode.

According to Clash Royale Boss, the new Quests feature and new game modes which have been reported a few weeks ago are seemingly going to be included in the upcoming October 2017 update for Clash Royale. The leak, however, doesn’t report whether a new card would be included in the patch.

While the full details of the Quests feature are not known at the moment, it will reportedly function as the name suggests. Players will try to complete a set of quests to receive rewards for completing the task. The Quests feature in Clash Royale is currently divided into three specific types of challenges; the Troop Specific Quests, Army Specific Quests, and Clan-Related Quests.

For the Troop Specific Quests, the player will be required to complete a challenge that involves, for example, winning five battles using a deck including certain cards, such as the Balloons. For the Army Specific Quests, the player will be required to use a specific deck, such as using a LavaLoon deck. For the Clan-Related Quests, the players will be asked to complete a mission that involves his or her clans, such as donating a predetermined number of cards to their clan-mates.

The full parameters of the Quests feature for Clash Royale are currently unknown. But it would be logical to assume based on the aforementioned examples that the player is going to get no more than three sets of Quests at any given time. Also, the Quests parameters will be divided by type, title, description, and minimum level. As for the rewards, players can expect to receive gold for completing a task. It is also unclear whether other rewards will be given for accomplishing the Quests.

The new Game Mode is reportedly going to be a completely different mode compared to anything a Clash Royale player has experienced in the past. Interestingly, this new Game Mode was developed supposedly for the Quests feature. However, as with any developmental process, the Game Mode evolved to something else entirely, and Supercell is ready to unleash it with the upcoming October 2017 update.

According to the leaked data, the new Game Mode is going to be for both 1v1 and 2v2. In the new Game Mode, the players will start with 10 elixirs with the overtime period set at one minute. The new Game Mode will reportedly force players to withstand and defend wave-after-wave of enemy attacks while trying to counter-push when an opportunity is given. According to Clash for Dummies, the Clash Royale AI would send a set number of troops, for example, 10 balloons, and the player will try to defend and counter-attack.

‘Clash Royale’ gameplay involving the Flying Machine. (Image by Orange Juice Gaming/YouTube)

There is no news whether Supercell is going to introduce new cards with the upcoming October 2017 update. The latest card to be introduced in Clash Royale is the Flying Machine. It can be remembered that the Flying Machine is the third of the four cards reportedly going join the growing number of cards in the game. The last card in that group is the Skeleton Barrel, and it seems safe to assume that the card will debut with this update.

If this leak is to be believed, then exciting times are coming for Clash Royale players. For more Clash Royale updates, stay tuned to the Inquistr.

[Featured Image By Clash Royale/YouTube]

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