‘Clash Royale’ Next Major Update Set To Roll Out In October; New Game Modes And Features To Be Introduced!

Clash Royale, the massively popular real-time online game developed by Supercell, is reportedly going to receive a major update in October. The October update promises to deliver one of the biggest enhancements the game has ever seen as it will allegedly introduce new cards, game modes, and features to the game.

According to Dot Esports, Supercell announced the upcoming enhancements via an in-game news update that featured an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) event hosted by the Clash Royale developers and Reddit. During the AMA, members of the game’s developmental team answered a number of fan questions comprising the possible game mode and features, new cards, matchmaking, and game play and card balancing to be included in the October update.

The Clash Royale developers suggest that a yet-to-be-named new game mode, Quests, and a new game feature aiming to relieve the stress borne out of the competition to get to the top of the rankings. The team hints that the new game mode will be “vastly different from all others.” However, the developers also hinted that the new game mode would feature a version of 2v2 mode so fans can expect that a tweak on the said game mode will be coming with the October update, probably a ranked 2v2 mode.

A few months ago, Supercell announced a quartet of new cards that included the Mega Knight, Cannon Cart, Flying Machine, and Skeleton Barrel. The Cannon Cart was added to the game last May and the Mega Knight is already set for release in a few days’ time. The Clash Royale developers are reportedly aiming to release one card by the end of September, and another card by October.

The Mega Knight is the newest Legendary Card to be introduced in Clash Royale.
Clash Royale is set to officially introduce the Mega Knight. (Image by Clash Royale/YouTube)

While the team didn’t confirm which card, or in which order the cards would be released, fans can expect that the Flying Machine and Skeleton Barrel will be introduced next. The Clash Royale developers, however, did mention that they are “toying around with the idea of ghost.”

A participant asked whether a “ladderless” 1v1 game mode would be introduced and Supercell categorically stated that no plans for an unranked 1v1 mode are being explored at the moment. This issue seems to be getting traction from fans as gamers look for a respite from the continuously ranked battles.

The current 2v2 mode is a welcome relief for players grinding to climb up the rankings since the game mode is unranked. This allows players to play Clash Royale without worrying about dropping in the rankings if they lose a game or two. However, it doesn’t allow the players to try out different tactics and strategies in a competitive setting. That being said, the team announced that a more “casual alternatives to ranked 1v1” would be introduced in the October update.

A new game mode based on the 2v2 platform is expected to be introduced during the October update.
Clash Royale brings back 2v2 game mode (Image by Clash Royale/YouTube)

The Clash Royale developmental team revealed that they are working on a new arena. The team also teased that a new intro screen is also being worked on., or now however, Supercell is focused on making all the cards to be useful. This means that players should expect a number of balancing updates to come within the next few weeks.

The October update will also tweak the matchmaking system to level the playing field. This means that game mismatches will be reduced, and that players can expect to be matched up against an opponent whose strength is closer to him or her.

The upcoming update also promises to bring other improvements in certain areas of the Clash Royale as well. That being said, if Supercell follows through with what they revealed during the AMA, then fans are in for a massive treat.

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