Who Is Austin Forsyth? The Man Behind Joy-Anna Duggar’s Shotgun Wedding Is ‘Immature’ With A Reality TV Past

Joy-Anna Duggar is already having her first baby with new husband Austin Forsyth. Amid rumors of a shotgun wedding, members of the Duggar family reportedly think Austin is immature and lacks character. Why doesn’t Joy-Anna’s family think highly of her husband?

According to In Touch Weekly, Austin has appeared on reality TV more than once. Before Counting On, Austin’s family appeared on an episode of World’s Strictest Parents. The Forsyth’s took in a few troubled teens during the episode and showcased their conservative values. Like the Duggars, the family believes in modest clothing, abstinence, and no kissing before marriage. They also own and operate a religious camp called Fort Rock Christian Family Camp, where Austin still works to this day.

While Joy-Anna is pretty active on social media, Austin doesn’t venture online often. Joy-Anna, of course, features heavily in the images he does share, and it’s clear that the two love each other. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the rest of Joy-Anna’s family approves of their marriage.

An insider told The Hollywood Gossip that some members of the Duggar clan question Austin’s character and view him as a rebel child. Joy-Anna’s sister-in-law, Anna, thinks Austin Forsyth is immature and does not have enough experience to be in a committed relationship. That’s saying a lot coming from the wife of Josh Duggar, whose character came under fire considering all the child molestation allegations.

To make things worse, Joy-Anna announced her pregnancy only three months after tying the knot with Austin. It isn’t clear if she got pregnant before the wedding — which was surprisingly moved up this year — but it certainly added more fuel to the shotgun wedding rumors. The two also stirred up controversy when they broke several of the family’s strict dating rules. As fans will recall, Austin touched Joy-Anna’s hand while they were working on a home and the two embraced after Austin’s proposal. Austin has since spoken out about the rule breaking and claims that they try their best to follow their family’s guidelines.

“We’re humans, and sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by our rules,” he shared. “We try. That was a real hard try.”

Tell us! Do you think Austin Forsyth is too immature to be a good father at such a young age? Let us know in the comments below.

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