'Alaskan Bush People': Ami Brown's Condition Has Not Improved But Daughter Rain Tries To #StayStrong

The past few weeks have been harrowing for the entire cast of Alaskan Bush People on account of Ami Brown's battle with cancer. Brown is now out of the hospital after undergoing chemotherapy, which according to an update from Alaskan Bush People Exposed, has taken its toll on her. With her cancer progressing to stage 4, her chances of survival remain slim.

That said, each member of the Brown family has been dealing with Ami's illness in his or her own way, but perhaps the most courageous of them all is her daughter Rain.

Rain Brown has been very active on social media, sharing positive messages, inspirational quotes, and selfies via her Instagram account. Her social media activity became a subject of controversy a couple of weeks ago, with some fans criticizing her for posting selfies amid her mother's illness.

But Rain wasn't about to take the criticism lying down. In an impassioned Instagram post, she hits back at her critics, explaining that "hearts that are broken the most are hid by the biggest smiles."

According to several reports, Ami remains bedridden and "very frail" and that she now weighs less than a hundred pounds. There are other reports saying that Ami Brown's death is imminent and that doctors are doing all they can to keep her comfortable in her last days.

According to Alaskan Bush People Exposed, Brown is now staying in California surrounded by her loved ones.

Meanwhile, Rain Brown continues to spread positivity via her Instagram by sharing selfies, inspirational messages, and beautiful photographs. She also included the hashtags #staypositive and #stayhappy in many of her updates, which goes to show that she's dealing with her grief in her own way.

As to whether fans will be seeing American Bush People on television soon, all they have for now are speculations. According to recent reports, the Brown family has not been seen with a camera crew in a long while, which bolsters the rumor that production will be delayed. Many fans have wondered whether American Bush People would continue on account of Ami Brown's health. According to sources, the family is focused on Ami at the moment and has chosen not to continue filming until her health improves or she passes on.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]