‘Mad Pooper’ Still On The Run In Colorado, As Kentucky Male Dubbed ‘Poopman’ Makes His Mark At Public Car Wash

A female jogger who’s been dubbed the “Mad Pooper” is still on the run from police despite exhaustive efforts to find her. The story of her public defecation habits in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has gone viral and grainy images of her have been plastered all over social media. Kentucky now has its own public defecator dubbed “Poopman” who’s made his mark at a local carwash in the Owensboro area.

Unlike the Mad Pooper, who is defecating in neighborhood yards, Poopman appears to be more discrete about his waste management and has been spotted relieving himself in the confines of a car wash bay. According to WBKR, security cameras at the Soak-n-Wash Car Wash caught Poopman as he evacuated his bowels in front of his vehicle.

The one-minute video, posted on the WBKR website, shows the male casually leaning his back against the front of his vehicle, which is pulled part way into a car wash bay. His pants are down and he quickly takes care of business in front of the automobile. He appears to have a napkin in his hand which he cleans himself with and then drops next to the mess he’s made.

Poopman has not gained as much attention as the Mad Pooper, whose case has garnered so much publicity, Charmin has offered her a year of free toilet paper if she turns herself into police.


As reported by the Inquisitr, the toilet paper brand said the following in a humorous tweet, placing a poop emoji near the end of the message.

“If the #MadPooper turns herself in, we’ll give her a year’s supply of TP to help with her ‘runs’ #EnjoyTheGo.”

The story about the Mad Pooper went viral after one family talked to local media about the woman defecating in their yard at least once a week, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Cathy Budde told KKTV 11 her children have witnessed the Mad Pooper in the act. She said upon encountering the woman, her children quickly ran to get her and told her the jogger was “taking a poop.” Cathy followed her children outside and confronted the woman by asking, “Are you serious? Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids.”

She said the Mad Pooper responded with, “Yeah, sorry.”

After hearing about the story, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department posted a photo on its Facebook page featuring three smiling officers all wearing surgical gloves. One officer is holding up a pooper scooper while another has an evidence bag in his gloved hands.


The Facebook photo is captioned with the following. “Hey Colorado Springs Police Department we may not be your number one choice, but our Deputies know how to handle #2. Let us know if you need back-up.”

Despite jokes being made about the Mad Pooper and her odd public defecation habits, Colorado Springs police say the case is a serious one and that the female jogger could have mental health problems. She could also face minor criminal charges depending on how the case is resolved.

Anyone with information about the Colorado female jogger dubbed the Mad Pooper is urged to call the Falcon division of the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7240.

As far as the Kentucky male dubbed Poopman, the Soak-n-Wash Car Wash is seeking the public’s help to catch him. Additionally, the Owensboro Police Department is asking anyone with information about the man to call 270-687-8888 or the Crimestoppers tip line at 270-684-8787. Individuals can also leave tips about the crime by texting TIP8484 to CRIMES.

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