Mother Of Triplets Finds Two Babies Dead, Runs Into Street Screaming ‘My Babies’ In Heart-Wrenching Scene

The screams of a young mother were bone-chilling after she found two of her infant triplets dead. She could be heard screaming as she ran outside her house and into the street repeating “My babies, my babies.”

Neighbors said they heard her screams and saw her run into the street in pure grief after discovering two of her triplet babies not breathing. Sarah Owens, 29, was doing what every mother of an infant baby or babies does first thing in the morning. That is to check on the babies who were still asleep, but this is when she found that two of her infants weren’t breathing.

When she checked on her 5-month-old triplets, she found that her sons, Charlie and Noah, were not breathing. The triplet boys had one survivor and that was Ethan, who was “unharmed,” according to the Independent UK.

This sent the mom into panic mode and she ran out into the street in her pajamas holding baby Ethan in her arms and screaming. The neighbors witnessed this young mother running from her Wildmill, Bridgend home in South Wales in the thralls of grief, according to neighbors.

How the two babies died is unknown, but authorities have ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as a gas leak as the potential cause because Ethan was unharmed. A post-mortem examination will hopefully find the cause of the two babies’ deaths. The medical examiner is looking into the possibility of Sudden Infant Death.

An unidentified neighbor told reporters that Sarah is a single mom and she lived in the house with her triplet sons. Those baby boys “were her pride and joy” the neighbor is quoted saying. Anne Way, who is Sarah’s neighbor, said that this new mom was so distraught, she was holding Ethan tightly to her chest.

Because of her state, the firefighters and rescue personnel wanted to take Sarah and the baby to the hospital. Anne said she offered to hold the baby so Sarah could put on her shoes, but she shouted, “Leave my baby.”

The babies were thought to have been dead for hours, which is what one of the neighbors heard from the firefighters. She said she saw them carry the babies out of the house and she described the infants as — “they were like wax.” Another neighbor, who worked at a hospital, said she’s seen dead infants before and she could tell the two babies had been dead for hours.

According to the Mirror, Sarah’s mother, who is the grandmother of the triplets set up a GoFundMe page to help Sarah with the expense of the funeral. As soon as it went up “tributes poured in on the page for the triplets.”

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