NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

1. New Orleans Saints- Miami put up a lot of points, but in the end they are still the best

2. Indianapolis Colts- They have won their last four games by 17 points each

3. Denver Broncos- Another tough game on the road at Baltimore

4. New England Patriots- After London they get a bye

5. Cincinnati Bengals-Cedric Benson gets revenge on the Bears, but this is a fine team

6. Minnesota Vikings- When will Favre look like a 40 year old? Could be soon

7. Pittsburgh Steelers- This is still a big play defense

8. New York Giants- Headed in the wrong direction, and now have the Eagles

9. Atlanta Falcons- Michael Turner needs to step up his game

10. Dallas Cowboys- This is the Mike Austin show

11. Arizona Cardinals- With an improved defense they are laying claim to the NFC West

12. Green Bay Packers- Need to beat Favre and the Vikes at home

13. New York Jets- Have lost Leon Washington for the season

14. San Diego Chargers- They need some consistency

15. Philadelphia Eagles- DeSean Jackson must continue to make big plays

16. Baltimore Ravens- at .500 they need a November surge

17. Houston Texans- QB Mat Schaub is leading the league in passing

18. San Francisco 49ers- Could Alex Smith revive his career?

19. Chicago Bears- No running game, can’t get it done on the road

20. Miami Dolphins- They lost Will Allen, and that one hurts

21. Jacksonville Jaguars- They must win versus the Titans and the Chiefs

22. Buffalo Bills- This isn’t a pretty team, but have won two in a row

23. Seattle Seahawks- Maybe the bye week helped

24. Carolina Panthers- The time for a change at QB is upon them

25. Oakland Raiders- They need a change at QB as well

26. Detroit Lions- Is Stafford ready to play?

27. Washington Redskins- This is a bad team, and play calling will not change that

28. Cleveland Browns- This is the worst offense in the league

29. Kansas City Chiefs- Will they cut Larry Johnson

30. Tennessee Titans- Jeff Fisher’s run with this team is at an end

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Turning to rookie QB Josh Freeman

32. St. Louis Rams- At the Lions gives them their best shot at avoiding an 0-16 season