September 27, 2017
Video: Trump Tells Stern That His Father, Fred Trump, Asked His Mom, Mary Trump, For A Prenup But She Said No

Now that the previous interviews between Donald Trump with Howard Stern have been made public, as reported by the Inquisitr, more secrets about the man who would become president are being revealed. As can be heard in the below video, Trump opened up on his views about prenuptial agreements. Trump spoke about his mother and father in relation to prenup agreements and revealed that his father, Fred Trump, asked his mother, Mary Trump, to sign a prenup prior to their marriage, but Mary refused.

Trump noted that his father's request of his mom was ahead of his time since prenup agreements were not that popular when his parents married decades ago. As seen in the above and below photos, Trump spent time with his mother and father at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort's grand opening. The celebration was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Thursday, April 5, 1990. Trump went to the opening with Mary, Fred, and his sister, U.S. District Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry. Trump's brother, Robert Trump, was also in attendance.

Trump quipped that Mary threw his dad out of the house at the mention of a prenup, but then corrected himself, saying that back in those days, folks like his mother and father got married first and then moved in together.

Warning: The below video contains offensive language, with Stern telling Trump that Ivanka was a "piece of a**."

Trump delved into his beliefs about prenup agreements and shared with Stern about buddies who had lost $50 million or more when their marriages failed, with the men being overcome by women who refused to sign prenup agreements. Trump spoke of using video to record certain contractual agreements but noted that he did not plan to create a video prenup agreement with Melania.

The interview even featured Trump and Stern speaking about Stern sitting next to O.J. Simpson during an event - and the photo of O.J. and Stern was used for his book, and he had to get Trump's sign-off to use the photo since Simpson was in attendance at Mar-a-Lago. Trump recounted an incident where he claimed Nicole Brown Simpson went off on O.J. and embarrassed him, with Trump seeming to give O.J. a pass for the violence surrounding his life.

Fred and Mary Trump
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