Father Of Royal Prank Radio host Mel Greig Targeted In Hate Messages

The father of Mel Greig, one of the besieged 2 Day FM radio hosts, hired a security guard at his home following the royal prank call row.

On December 4, Mel Greig and Michael Christian telephoned King Edward VII hospital where Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated for acute morning sickness.

After impersonating the Queen and Prince Charles, Greig and Christian got through to nurse Jacintha Saldanha before they were transferred to a nurse on the Duchess’ ward.

Three days after the hoax call, Mrs. Saldanha was found hanged in staff accommodation near the hospital in what looked like a suicide. The 46-year-old mother of two also had marks on her wrist.

Following news of Mrs. Saldanha’s death, Greig and Christian were widely criticized by King Edward VII hospital, media commentators, and public opinion. Although later suspended, the presenters were provided with access to counseling by 2Day FM’s parent company, Southern Austereo Cross.

After emotional apologies on Australian television, Grieg and Christian were forced to go into hiding after receiving death threats, Australia’s News.com reports.

Since the scandal, there has been no sign of Mel Greig in her home town of Adelaide. A neighbor said Mel’s father has not been seen at the family residence in more than a week. Even before the family apparently vacated their home, a security guard had been hired to keep a 24 hour watch on the property, said the Herald Sun.

A neighbor said the security guard told her that “threatening messages” from all over the world had been left on the family’s answering machine, Australia’s News.com reports.

The neighbor said, “It’s just so sad how the whole thing got out of hand. I know the dad hasn’t been well so this wouldn’t be doing him any good.”

Mrs. Saldanha was buried in her husband’s village of Shivra last Monday. She was survived by her husband, Benedict Barboza and two teenage children. Mrs. Saldanha left three suicide notes, one of which “criticized hospital staff.”

As well as a London based inquest into Mrs. Saldanha’s death, concurrent investigations by London’s Metropolitan Police (Met) and the Australia Communications and Media Authority are ongoing.

There is also a possibility that both Greig and Christian could face criminal charges over their role in the scandal.

In a statement last week, the Met said they had submitted a file to the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service “to consider whether any potential offenses may have been committed by making the hoax call,” the Huffington Post notes.

As yet, there has been no further comment from either Greig or Christian.

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