Prince Harry’s Life Threatened In ISIS Video — Disturbing Threat To Send Him To ‘Hellfire’

ISIS has issued a threat to Prince Harry in retaliation to the prince denouncing terrorism during his trip to Singapore right after the terrorist attack on London Bridge. Harry remembered the victims of that attack in a tribute while in Singapore, along with denouncing terrorism. The threat was issued via video footage in which an ISIS member challenges Harry to a fight, one that he won’t win and will end with ISIS sending him to “hellfire,” this jihadi threatens.

The jihadi, who is identified as Megat Shahdan bin Abdul Samad from Singapore, goes on for three and a half minutes attempting to conjure up violence. Besides threatening Harry, the ISIS member also makes a shout out to other jihadis to get ready to fight across Africa and the Middle East, according to the Daily Star.

Samad is seen on camera loading shells into a lorry as he makes a chilling statement to Prince Harry. This jihadi said, “To Harry, you come to Singapore and tell such stories to gain sympathy for the London terror attacks?”

Samad also said, “Why don’t you come here and fight us if you’re man enough so that we can send you and your Apaches to hellfire, bi ithnillah (Allah allowing)?” Harry went to Singapore to organize the Sentebale Polo Cup for charity when he denounced terrorism as he spoke about the terror attack on London Bridge.

Little is known about Samad other than he arrived in the Middle East in 2014 for work and while there, it is believed he was radicalized. A Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson said, “Our security agencies have been aware of the presence in Syria of a Singaporean and have been monitoring his activities.” So apparently the authorities of that country have been keeping an eye on him.

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According to the Daily Mail, the “extremist video,” which is seen below in this article, challenges Harry to be “man enough” to engage in a fight. Then he claims they will send Harry and his Apache helicopters to “hellfire.”

The Apache helicopter threat has to do with Harry’s previous position when he flew the attack copters for the British Army in Afghanistan. In an article from The Guardian almost a decade ago, they report how Harry served on the front line of Afghanistan fighting the Taliban, but his location was kept a secret.

Concerns for Prince Harry’s safety were behind keeping his whereabouts under wraps. Because of his high profile, it was feared he’d be a target for the Taliban if his presence in Afghanistan was known.

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Back when Harry was 23, he spent 10 weeks in the position of a forward air controller guiding the fighter jets to Taliban targets. He is a prince and at the time he was third to the throne, but he went to Afghanistan to do his part as a British citizen.

According to the Daily Star, an intelligence report sparked concerns that an attempt to smuggle jihadis across the English Channel is in the works. SBS units are now patrolling the coastline to intercept any attempt to enter the U.K. made by the terrorists.

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