Lady Gaga Illuminati Hoax Gets 109,000 Facebook Shares: ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’ Netflix Movie Has No ‘Soul’ Talk

There is a very popular article titled “Lady Gaga: I Regret Selling My Soul To Illuminati Dark Forces” by WorldTruth.TV that has been shared on Facebook more than 109,000 times, but the only problem is that it isn’t true. An entire viewing of Lady Gaga’s Netflix documentary named Gaga: Five Foot Two proved that Gaga didn’t speak about the Illuminati at all, nor did Gaga claim to have sold her soul to the devil or dark forces. The creative article about Lady Gaga allegedly meeting up with a strange man or dark figure and agreeing to donate her soul to the Illuminati seems inspired more by a scene from the Bible, wherein Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert after Christ had fasted 40 days and night, and offered the world if only He would worship evil. Whereas Jesus passed that test, the fictitious article claims Lady Gaga failed the test. The “About” page of the website does reference 1 John 4, perhaps as a way to get folks to research prior to sharing articles.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God. For many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Gaga: Five Foot Two delves into just how much the 31-year-old’s health has impacted her life. Stefani Germanotta — Gaga’s real name — is shown in vulnerable moments, breaking down in pain as she tries to overcome her condition with the help of her staff. The scene of Lady Gaga crying on her couch is the photo that the fake article uses to claim that her health was comprised because of selling her soul to the Illuminati. In reality, Gaga’s documentary shows her promoting Joanne, bemoaning breaking up with her former fiancé Taylor Kinney and much more.

While the movie shows Gaga attending a baptism of a baby in her family and saying that she lost former boyfriends Matt, Luke, and Taylor with each level of success, it does not show Gaga “meeting with a Catholic priest to discuss undergoing an exorcism.” Gaga did not mention “dark spirituality” or “Satanic rituals” that she succumbed to in the beginning of her career. Nor did she talk about being “inducted into the Illuminati by donating her soul” in New York in 2006.

The false article pointed to an Instagram post wherein Lady Gaga spoke of her mental and physical health struggles that were hard to explain. Yet, the story of Gaga supposedly meeting her “illuminated prince” claimed that Gaga’s fame came from him in exchange for her soul. Gaga’s fibromyalgia was blamed on that meeting with evil, and talk of breaking her contract with the “Illuminati-controlled record industry” is the stuff of urban myths. The below photo on Gaga’s Instagram page shows Gaga clutching a crucifix with her head down.

In the documentary, Gaga actually speaks about her personal growth and how she used to feel that being on her own wasn’t good enough. Gaga doesn’t feel that way with music producer Mark Ronson; the way she felt with previous men she dated or worked with in the music business. BloodPop is a music producer featured in the movie. Gaga noted that her “Born This Way” video was the last time she had a camera in front of her like she did during the documentary, wherein cameras followed her around for one year. Breaking her hip affected her in a big way. Filming at Voc Recording Studios in Hollywood was shown, as well as Gaga’s travels around the world, including a trip to Wal-Mart. Gaga sang her hit “Million Reasons” with Tony Bennett in the audience watching the unique rendition.

Gaga also spoke about her beef with Madonna. Being Italian and from New York, Gaga said she had a problem with Madonna not coming to her face and telling her directly that Madonna thought she was “reductive,” instead of hearing about it on TV. Gaga’s American Horror Story role was also shown. Gaga likened her character to a woman like a witch who had to flee because she became too powerful. Gaga likened that character to women in relationships who must flee when the woman’s power usurps the man’s power. Lady Gaga spoke of what men in the recording industry expect from some women, the men who have the “I made you” attitude that has beautiful women flocking to them. Lady Gaga said she wasn’t one of those women who would do the things the men assumed she’d do – and she used her own means to not get eaten alive like Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, and a nameless woman that Gaga speaks of, presumed to be Amy Winehouse.

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix]

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