Scafell Pike: Hikers Stranded After Smoking Too Much Marijuana

A group of Scafell Pike hikers was stranded after they smoked too much marijuana and became “incapacitated.” Authorities said the four men were rescued from the 3,209-foot peak without further injury. However, the rescue operation took three hours and risked the lives of numerous emergency personnel and volunteers.

As reported by Telegraph, the Cumbria Police Department received the emergency call on September 23. The caller, who was not named, stated that he and his friends were stranded on Scafell Pike because they smoked too much marijuana and were no longer able to walk.

Authorities immediately dispatched crews from the Air Support and Wasdale Mountain Rescue Teams. Although it took three hours to reach the four hikers and bring them down from the peak, nobody was injured during the rescue operation.

North Cumbria Superintendent, Justin Bibby, said hikers often underestimate the dangers associated with mountain climbing. Bibby said it is vital to be prepared before beginning a climb. In addition to bringing proper equipment and sufficient food and water, Bibby warns against drinking alcohol or taking mind-altering substances.

“Taking alcohol or any other substance that could impair your judgment significantly increases your risk of getting into trouble. It has no place on a mountain.”

It is unclear at this time whether the four hikers will be charged for the cost of the rescue. However, authorities confirmed no arrests were made in connection with Saturday’s incident.

A representative with the Lake District Search And Mountain Rescue Association said calls from hikers who have put themselves into unnecessarily dangerous situations are “becoming a joke.”

Indeed, social media users praised the rescue teams for their efforts. However, they were highly critical of the hikers and their decision to consume enough marijuana to incapacitate themselves while attempting to climb a mountain.

As reported by Guardian, authorities responded to the criticism by saying it is their responsibility to “ensure people are safe regardless of choices that they make that put them in a dangerous position.”

Between January and October 2017, the Lake District Search And Mountain Rescue Association responded to a total of 80 calls from hikers who were stranded on Scafell Pike and other mountains in the region. It is unclear how many of the calls involved hikers who used too much marijuana or other mind-altering substances.

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