Alabama Club Killings Lead To Arrest

Hoover police Captain James Coker said US marshals arrested a man at 7 am, seven hours after the shooting inside Martini’s Lounge. The suspect has not yet been charged. Coker reports the suspect is male but is as of yet officially without a name, says ABC News.

Monterio Alonzo Peebles-Kellogg, 19 and Lakenya Chanise Moton, 20 both lived in Birmingham. They were declared dead at the scene outside the club located at 2132 Lorna Ridge Lane.

UAB Trauma Center released a third victim after treating her for gunshot injuries that were not life-threatening. Again, the identity of the survivor is yet unreleased.

A suspect was taken into custody by US Marshals around sunrise after receiving a call around midnight and there is no threat to the general public, claims Coker. No motive has been released, but there is a possibility that the suspect may have known the victims.

Coker said:

“This was no random act … It’s been about two-and-a-half years since we’ve had a homicide in Hoover that wasn’t traffic related.”

The fate of the nightclub is still under discussion by the chief of police and elected officials, according to

Alabama shooting leads to arrest

Coker says the investigation is still underway, and details have yet to be officially released:

“We do investigate a crime of this nature very thoroughly.”

This is yet another shooting in the wake of the 26 people killed in Newtown, Connecticut, and I am willing to predict it will continue like this until after the holiday stress wears down. Let’s hope it stops before then.