Scott Peterson May Get New Trial Because Of Juror Richelle Nice

Scott Peterson was convicted of the murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner Peterson. He has been on death row for over a decade as he tries to get his conviction appealed. Peterson and his family maintain his innocence, even participating in a docu-series titled, The Murder of Laci Peterson. This has caused quite a stir among viewers who now say they have doubts about his guilt. Could Scott Peterson have been wrongfully imprisoned for so long because of circumstances he had no control over? The answer could very well be yes.

As The Murder of Laci Peterson played out in six parts on the A&E network, new information became available to the public. The case was brought to national television when the young mother-to-be went missing on Christmas Eve morning. Something wasn’t right, and her family knew it. Over the subsequent weeks, the media played a role in making Scott Peterson look guilty. He was having a relationship with another woman while his wife Laci was pregnant with their child. His actions were despicable, but were they also murderous?

The one piece of evidence that Scott Peterson and his attorneys are using in their argument for a new trial is juror Richelle Nice. She was a juror on the case and was dubbed Strawberry Shortcake because of her crazy, bright hair. According to In Touch Weekly, Richelle Nice is insisting she didn’t intentionally lie to get on the jury that would ultimately decide Scott Peterson’s fate. His defense team is pushing the fact that she lied on her questionnaire about not having been part of a lawsuit or anything else. Nice was, in fact, part of a court case. She was in a similar situation where she felt like her unborn baby may be at risk. The defense is arguing that Richelle was too emotional over the incident, making it hard for her to have been objective.

When watching The Murder of Laci Peterson, it has been noted by several viewers that Richelle Nice may have specifically targeted Scott Peterson. It was even talked about that she came in wanting to deliberate fast and get the guilty verdict out there immediately. While it is up in the air on how it went down, this could very well play a role in getting Peterson a new trial. If he is granted a new trial, things may change with how the jury votes. There have been several good arguments for his innocence, some even swaying the minds of the public.

With the docu-series over, there are still so many questions based on whether or not Scott Peterson killed Laci and Conner. He is adamant he did not, but there still isn’t a huge round of support for him or his family. The courts are reviewing the petition for a new trial, and it is expected that a ruling should come in the very near future.

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