Poll: President Donald Trump Seen As ‘Cowardly, Uninspiring’

More than two-thirds of all Americans don’t view President Donald Trump as being “courageous” and an even a smaller percentage find him to be “inspiring,” according to a new national poll.

The new Gallup survey on leadership finds that just 32 percent of respondents view the president as courageous and just 28 percent say they derive inspiration from him.

In addition, just 22 percent of Americans find the president to be prepared and only 25 percent of respondents think he is consistent in his views and actions.

By comparison, in a poll released at the same juncture of his first term in 2009, President Barack Obama was described by 66 percent of Americans as a “strong and decisive” leader, and by 72 percent as a man “willing to make hard decisions.”

Pollsters found Trump’s numbers only slightly vary from where they were before the 2016 presidential election in a similar poll taken by Gallup that rated leadership qualities of all the then-candidates.

Back then, Trump received just 33 percent on the courage meter, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rated at 35 percent and GOP Senator Ted Cruz brought up the rear at just 29 percent.

The Gallup numbers come on the heels of Politico‘s recent assessment of several polls showing that Trump’s first-year approval rating is the lowest ever for a president at this point in their administration.

Even with modest upticks, a Politico/Morning Consult poll recently found the president’s approval at just 43 percent.

A Gallup poll pegged Trump’s approval at 40 percent, while a RealClearPolitics average of recent surveys places Trump’s approval at 40 percent, up just three points on his low-water mark of just over 37 percent in late August.

President Donald Trump speaks to world leaders at the 72nd United Nations (UN) General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York City. [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

Several recent polls further indicate Trump’s slight bounce boils down to Republicans and independents who were already supporters of his reaffirming their positions, and not an extension of his base.

Before all is said and done, Trump’s recent decision on the issue of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals could also have a major bearing on his popularity.

The administration recently announced it plans to allow DACA to unwind and could begin mass deportations if Congress does not come up with an immigration fix over the next six months.

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