And So It Begins: Nibiru And The End

New York City was the setting this week for people, much of the world has favored and entrusted with the power, to govern and direct our lives into a future we find most agreeable. The United Nations General Assembly has (for the 64th time) attempted to remedy the world’s ill while turning the FDR Drive into a nine-mile funeral procession. By next week, we should have questioned the cogency of the UN and somehow absorbed the words, sanctions and/or resolutions into our water cooler conversations.

Though none of that may matter at all because on Saturday, we may once again be faced with the nullification of our existence. Promoting his book Planet X – The Arrival, David Meade spoke with the, about the nearing liquidation of the Earth. Last month’s solar eclipse was perhaps the first sign.

“The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, is a major – huge – harbinger.”

The world was scheduled to end this weekend, but according to Meade, it is instead, the beginning of some very bad times. On September 23, we will take note of Planet X or Nibiru as it is revealed from its blind spot in the sky according to the conspiracist.

“A magnificent sign in the skies over Jerusalem, a historical event signaling an upcoming ‘Tribulation Period’ of seven years.”

The tribulation period refers to a coming time of great torment and wrangling, mentioned in several books of the Holy Bible. Meade, who is a career numerologist – a profession categorized under Entertainers and Performers – is also a devout Christian.

“I don’t know when the Rapture will happen. I expect nothing to happen in September, October is the month to watch! The major signs that converge on September 23 are indeed amazing, but those are celestial events. They are time markers. The mainstream media states that something visible will occur on these dates. I don’t believe that. The actual event of the beginning of the Tribulation occurs on October 15. That’s when the action starts, hold on and watch – wait until the middle of October and I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.”

Dark Moon

Anyone familiar with the Mayan calendar, or anyone with a YouTube account, has at one time or another tried to pronounce Nibiru. The more intriguing ones know that it is a planet hidden behind the sun that has been inching towards the Earth intent on stopping our rotation, causing polar caps to melt into the boiling sea. There is no way that could be good for us, even in the best case. That’s just one of the scenarios, depending on whether the large planetary object passes too close, or just collides into the Earth.

This dreadful encounter first came to fruition back in 1997, around the time of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide. Members of the religious cult committed suicide in an upscale San Diego suburb in an attempt to hitch a ride aboard a spacecraft traveling behind the Hale-Bopp comet. Back then, Nancy Lieder, a Wisconsin native, would become the antagonist in many internet newsgroups for claiming the Hale-Bopp comet was actually a star the government wanted us to believe was not the approaching Nibiru.

NASA and all the world’s astronomers were to be discredited before being dismissed as government lackeys and obscurants if Lieder was to be believed. Essentially, Nibiru, not Hale-Bopp was the celestial body making its way across the solar system, on a collision course with the third planet. She received this in a transmission from the Zetas. The Zetas are – get this, a race of gray aliens who implanted a transmitter in her brain, on one of their trips to America’s Dairyland.

She first revealed on her website Zetatalk, that the world would end after the Nibiru cataclysm back in 2003. She went as far as claiming to have euthanized her own pets for “a good meal” and advised others to do the same. Fourteen years on, and the captain at the helm of the doomsday ferry is the aforementioned David Meade, who studied astronomy at a university in Kentucky. For “safety reasons” he refuses to give the Washington Post any specifics, such as the name or location of his alma mater.

The folks at NASA have on several occasions tried to debunk concerns about Nibiru to no avail. They have to compete with more than 2 million websites on the internet touting the fable. Now David Meade expects us to have all our affairs in order before October 15. The day pushed forward now that September 23 is upon us.

[Featured Image by Maja Hitij/ Getty Images]