‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shocking Promo Reveals Ava Is A Traitor, Patient 6 Is Trying To Reach PC Mob Boss

General Hospital spoilers tease more drama in Port Charles in the upcoming week. The preview reveals Patient Six wants to get in touch with the PC mob boss. Ava might have encouraged Patient Six to man up, but spoilers tease her personal interests will prevail. She will tell the doctor they need to pay more attention to the mysterious patient.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday reveal Franco will finally have some progress on his search for the mysterious boy. Betsy will confirm there was a twin, but it was not Franco’s twin brother. The mystery surrounding the boyhood pictures will continue to haunt Franco. He will try to discover the truth, but this is just the beginning of a long string of shocking revelations.

Meanwhile, Ava’s adventure in St. Petersburg will be an exciting one. Ava has been warned to stay away from Patient Six, but it seems like the woman doesn’t respond well to firm warnings. After defying orders from the hospital personnel, Ava will convince the mysterious roommate in the hospital to give her a contact number. General Hospital spoilers tease Ava would hide the phone number, but she will receive a scolding from her doctor who tells her to behave or kiss her dreams goodbye.

Eventually, Dr. Klein will realize Ava knows more than she is letting on, and he will give her a choice. General Hospital spoilers reveal Ava will have no choice but to surrender the phone number Patient Six gave her if she wants to have her good looks restored.

Ava will also inform her doctor Patient Six can still talk and get out of his wheelchair. Ava’s good behavior will be rewarded by the doctor, and her prescription for getting her face fixed as soon as possible is to stay away from Patient Six. Ava can’t help but feel bad for the patient who is being kept at the hospital against his will.

Meanwhile, the doctor will look into the information Ava provided. General Hospital spoilers tease he will call the number, and someone from Port Charles will answer the call. It would be odd for Patient Six to contact Sonny Corinthos unless they know each other. Sonny will pick up the call and think it’s nothing but a prank call when he hears nothing but silence on the other line. General Hospital spoilers tease things will become more interesting in the upcoming weeks as Ava continues to interact with Patient Six and the rest of Genoa City tries to find Ava’s whereabouts.

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