‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Encounters A Dilemma, Sam Remembers Jason’s Changes, New Faces In PC Revealed

General Hospital spoilers tease more twists in the upcoming months. Steve Burton is playing the role of the mysterious Patient 6, who is being subdued in the Russian hospital where Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) sent Ava (Maura West). Meanwhile, Sam (Kelly Monaco) will struggle to cope with her present situation.

Ava’s Russian Adventure

Right after the fire, Ava became a changed woman. With her current circumstances, she was reduced to taking Valentin’s offer. This decision led her to Russia, where she met the mysterious Patient 6. Spoilers tease that Ava will learn the aforementioned patient is being taken hostage, and she will urge him to find a way to get out of the facility.

Prior spoilers revealed Ava will be in a dangerous situation next week, and she will also become a hostage. This might have something to do with the masked patient who happens to have Jason Morgan’s old face. Ava might land in danger while in Russia.

Meanwhile, Valentin will get an earful from Lulu, who has a lot to say when she discovers Ava is out of town, and the Cassadine heir has something to do with it. Lulu won’t be the only person concerned about Ava’s absence; Griffin will worry about her absence too.

Next week in General Hospital, spoilers tease that Ava will pine for Griffin’s company. It seems that the doctor will be in Ava’s dreams. Griffin will eventually find a way to discover Ava’s whereabouts with some help from other PC residents.

JaSam Status

Jason remains comatose, and this is an emotional time for Sam. Spoilers tease that Sam will lean on Sonny for some emotional support as her husband remains in the long-term care facility. While mulling over the recent changes in their life, Sam will recall what Jason was like before and after he came back from the dead. Spoilers hint that Sam will point out how Jason acted like an entirely different person.

Billy Miller who plays the role of Jason is taking some time off screen, but he will be back in General Hospital. Miller already signed a new contract with the ABC soap, so he will definitely be back to share the screen with Steve Burton. In fact, in an interview, Burton revealed that he called Miller informing him he will be back on General Hospital. He also revealed he was looking forward to working with Miller in “some cool story.”

General Hospital Comings And Goings

General Hospital will welcome new faces in Port Charles in October. The latest scoop reveals that Pat Frey, Rob Locke, and Tommie Earl Jenkins will be on the ABC soap next month.

Frey will play the role of a Russian orderly in an episode that will air on October 3. It seems like the drama in Russia will continue for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Locke will portray Father Stanislov in three episodes, which will air from October 2 to October 4. Jenkins will be on the October 4 episode, where he will play the role of Dean Paulson.

With so much going on in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers tease more mysteries and revelations in the upcoming weeks.

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