‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Next 2 Weeks: Valentin Wants Ava To Clear His Name? Griffin To The Rescue

General Hospital spoilers tease an exciting week ahead as Steve Burton returns to Port Charles. Franco (Roger Howarth) will feel the weight of betrayal, and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) can’t help but think there is a lurking threat. While out of town, Ava (Maura West) will be held hostage.

Scared And Alone

Ava just had an interesting encounter with Patient 6, and this will make her curious about the man. Larisa will offer unsolicited information about the guy. Larisa is a suspicious character, and Valentin’s involvement in the whole affair makes things quite fishy. Valentin earned the title of manipulator for good reason. He is good at what he does. The lawsuit for Nikolas Cassadine’s wrongful death may be inconvenient, but General Hospital spoilers tease he will do something about it soon.

There are speculations on why Valentin sent Ava to the clinic, it seems like Valentin has an ulterior motive. It’s possible he wants Ava to think Nikolas is alive, and this could be useful in making the lawsuit go away.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Ava will find herself in a dangerous situation. Ava will be a hostage, and without her phone to call for help, she is in for one scary experience. Back in Port Charles, Griffin can’t help but worry about Ava’s absence. Eventually, he will ask for Ava and Finn’s help. The trio could end up in the clinic to rescue Ava, and they would be crucial to solving this case.

Secrets And Threats

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week reveal Liz will have a shocking encounter. Liz will try to keep her cool, but she will feel scared about what happened. It’s still unclear what this threat might be, although Sam might have something to do with it. Despite the looming threats, Liz will continue to put her faith in Franco. For the week of September 25, spoilers tease Liz’s high spirits will return.

Meanwhile, spoilers tease Franco will be the keeper of an important secret. This secret might be related to the twin drama with Jason, a story which will unfold in the upcoming months. Franco will also lean on Scott for support. With everything going on in his life, he could use someone who will act as his sounding board.

A Shot At Redemption

Lulu will also change her opinion of Valentin. She doesn’t have the best opinion of Valentin, but everything will change after an enlightening conversation. Spoilers reveal Lulu will realize Valentin is not entirely irredeemable. It seems like the two will finally reach some compromise.

General Hospital spoilers hint Maxie (Kirsten Storms) will uncover the secret behind Man Landers. Nathan will find himself consoling Nurse Amy (Risa Dorken). Since Maxie would be partly to blame if the secret is discovered, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nathan feels responsible too.

As for Valentin, the man will continue to be one step ahead of everyone. General Hospital spoilers also suggest that Anna will pressure Finn. Kristina will also wonder if she can continue the ruse with Valerie, and Josslyn will find herself on the hot seat. Michael will turn a deaf ear on Carly’s warnings. Instead, he will make a big decision which will leave Nelle feeling wary.

General Hospital spoilers tease more happenings in Port Charles as the mystery deepens, and more characters enter the canvas.

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