Tom Cruise Is Not Forced To See His Daughter Suri Cruise [Debunked]

Katie Holmes is reportedly not happy with Tom Cruise. However, those reports have been proven false. She’s “tired, disappointed, and frustrated” that he’s absent in Suri Cruise’s life, and reports claim she desperately wants him to see his daughter. Though Katie Holmes embraced the single mother life since their divorce, she wishes the action star would step up and spend time with Suri.

Gossip Cop claims the reports aren’t true. Katie Holmes has not called and demanded that Tom Cruise see their daughter Suri Cruise. Tom Cruise’s reps told the outlet that the reports are nothing but “nonsense.” Gossip Cop claims to have looked into reports and sees no substantial proof. It’s also been reported that Suri has never even met Katie’s new boyfriend. Then again, Tom Cruise’s rep denied the reports. Who’s to know what’s really going on behind closed doors.

Tom Cruise may be one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, but he’s reportedly an awful father behind the scenes. He’s tried to keep many of his secrets in the closet due to his involvement with the Church of Scientology. His deep devotion to his religion — many critics call it a cult — was cited in his divorce from Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not been in touch, and sources close to the actor says he hasn’t seen his daughter in almost four years.

He reportedly wants to focus on his acting career rather than take care of his growing daughter. Katie is doing everything she can to reunite Tom and Suri Cruise, but it’s worked against her. Suri has reportedly accepted the fact that her father won’t be in her life. Tom Cruise won’t listen to Katie and won’t return her calls, alleged sources told In Touch.

The 55-year-old star has been absent in his 11-year-old daughter’s life. Tom Cruise hasn’t seen Suri Cruise in many years. Katie Holmes has been playing the role of both mother and father to her daughter, and rumors claim she doesn’t always enjoy doing it on her own. An inside source told Hollywood Life that she’s grown “tired, disappointed, and frustrated with Tom’s absence as a father.” She’s learned to get used to Tom Cruise abandoning Suri and to raising her on her own.

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She’s deeply concerned that her daughter will grow up without a father. Tom Cruise does not spend time with his daughter, the source revealed. As Suri matures, she wants to learn about her famous dad and know why he’s famous. Suri and Katie have an extremely close bond. She knows that she can get “love, guidance, wisdom, and grace” from her mom. Suri has also reportedly grown close to Katie’s new boyfriend, Jamie Foxx.

It sounds like Tom Cruise has no issues with Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri. No one really knows how the actors are handling the co-parenting aspect of their relationship since their divorce.

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