‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Is Coming In 2018, What Can Fans Expect

CBS is stepping into unchartered territory with the new addition to the Big Brother franchise, Celebrity Big Brother. It is scheduled to premiere in January 2018, and fans haven’t learned very much about what to expect. Of course, the UK version has been very successful and could be the model for the series as it enters the U.S. market.

The normal Big Brother game has 16 houseguests enter the house for 90 days. That is a huge commitment to the contestants and much longer than celebrities would be able to commit to. In the UK, the celebrity season is 30 days long. The production team keeps the houseguests very busy fitting everything into the condensed season. It will likely be the most challenging reality show the celebrities have ever been involved in considering it will require mental, physical, and social skills.

Fans who subscribe to the live feeds will have an opportunity to get to know the celebrities on a much more personal level. Just like in the regular season, the Celebrity Big Brother house will be airing live 24/7. The viewers will be able to see the chaos, the laughter, the backstabbing, and the strategy of each of the celebrities that join the game.

According to Bustle, the show airs every night of the week in the UK rather than the three nights a week CBS airs the regular Big Brother episodes. There has been no word yet on what the schedule will be, but to make a timeslot in their daily schedule would be a huge undertaking for CBS.


Big Brother After Dark has aired on Pop TV the last few years. Early word is that they will continue to air the show for the Celebrity Big Brother premiere season. This will give all fans the chance to get a glimpse into the uncensored antics of the houseguests as they compete for the win of the freshman season.

Do you think the season will be 30 days for Celebrity Big Brother as it is in the UK? Who would be your dream contestants for the game? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]