Michael Vick Says Colin Kaepernick Needs More Support As He Still Has No NFL Contract

We already know that Michael Vick is sorry for what he said about Colin Kaepernick’s hair. Now, it looks like the former NFL quarterback is going even further. In a new interview with Domenick Nati, Vick said that Kaepernick needs more support for his ongoing protest.

For those who may have missed it, Michael Vick started quite a fire back in July when he suggested that Kaepernick should get a haircut if he wants to impress NFL team owners.

“The first thing we got to get Colin to do is cut his hair,” Vick said infamously said on Speak for Yourself on Fox Sports 1. “I don’t think he should represent himself in that way in terms of the hairstyle. Just go clean cut. Why not?”

Kaepernick, who was and still is rocking a huge afro, quickly responded to Michael Vick’s comments, suggesting that the NFL star may have Stockholm Syndrome. After all, when Vick was quarterbacking in the NFL, he wasn’t clean cut himself and often wore his hair in cornrows.

It didn’t take long after Kaepernick’s response for Vick to do a full reversal on his opinion of the blackballed NFL star. As we saw on the first (and probably only) season of Baller Wives, Michael’s wife, Kijafa, may be at least partially responsible for her husband changing his tune.


It was during an episode of the VH1 reality show that we saw Kijafa chiding Michael for commenting on the current state of Colin Kaepernick’s hair rather than backing his stance and his reasons for it. He has been very apologetic about the remarks in many publications ever since.

“At the end of the day, what I said, I should have never said. I think it was taken out of context in regards to what I was trying to convey, but I only want to help Kaepernick,” Vick said on The Dan Patrick Show. “I’m not a general manager, I’m not the guy who makes the decisions on getting him signed and I’m truly sorry for what I said. I think I should have used a better choice of words.

“Obviously his Afro has nothing to do with him being signed, and I wasn’t trying to relay that message,” he continued. “It was more so about helping him at the end of the day. In all my interviews, all I have ever tried to do is help him and talk positive.”

Now, two months out from his Colin Kaepernick snafu, Michael Vick has gone even further to prove his support for the fallen quarterback.

Domenick Nati caught up with Michael Vick at an autograph signing at B&C Sports in Lynchburg, Virginia. Nati asked Vick about his personal thoughts on the current NFL protest that has sprung up in support of Colin Kaepernick.

It’s clear that Michael Vick was very careful with his words.

“It’s a just tough situation for everybody,” Vick said. “I think what Colin is trying to stand up for, I think we all understand it. You know, it’s about equality and that’s what we all want as people. I think he needs more support. People will continue to support him, we all support him and I think the league does as well.”

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