‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Reveals More Clues About Baby Lo’s Name

Kailyn Lowry finally picked a name for her son “Baby Lo” over a month after giving birth to him.

The Teen Mom 2 star, however, hasn’t revealed the name of her son with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez to the public on account of the fact that she hasn’t filled out the legal paperwork yet. In fact, she says that there’s still a possibility that she might change her mind.

“I have not filled out legal paperwork yet,” she told Radar. “There is always room for me to change my mind on the name. That’s why I haven’t announced it yet. But once I do fill out the paper work I’m going to announce it.”

In her most recent interview with Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry, 25, revealed how she picked the name for her son. It turns out that it’s a name that floated through her mind for many years.

“It’s not a family name or anything like that,” she said. “It’s something I stumbled across over the years and it kind of always was in the back of my mind.”

Kailyn Lowry has struggled to choose a baby name for her third child throughout her pregnancy. Back in July, she asked her Twitter followers for suggestions, even setting up a poll where they got to pick their preferred monikers for Baby Lo. For baby girl names, “Karsyn” came out on top garnering 40 percent of total votes, followed by “Anastasia” with 28 percent. For baby boy names, the top pick was “Griffin” at 34 percent, followed closely by “Nixon” at 29 percent.

Kail admitted that she had a difficult time choosing a name for her baby because she didn’t want “anything popular or trendy.” Her sons — 7-year-old Isaac (with Jo Rivera) and 3-year-old Lincoln (with Javi Marroquin) — even tried to help their mom come up with a name for their sibling but to no avail.

Lowry and her friend Bone Estrada reportedly went to the hospital together to pick a name for her son.

In a Snapchat update, Kailyn told her followers she and Bone went to the hospital to fill out a form in order to officially name her son. She, however, hasn’t picked a name yet at the time, so she went down the hallway to read aloud names off plaques of donors hanging on the wall, as reported by In Touch Weekly.

“Harry, John, Herman, Alan, Wallace, Maurice, Walton, James, that’s a no, Frederick is a no, Wayne, Edward, William, Robert, Tom,” she read. “All these names are so basic!”


Lowry then wrote all her top picks on a piece of paper and put them all in a bag. She then asked a member of the nursing staff to shake the bag and pull out a name. The name that was picked out at random by the nurse could well become the official name of Lowry’s son.

Can you guess the name of Kailyn Lowry’s baby?

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