‘Big Brother 19’ Update: Jessica-Cody New Reality Show Gig, Paul Rejects Christmas, Raven’s Accent Is Gone

Big Brother 19 updates after the finale reveal big news. First, Jessica and Cody are going strong and happily reunited at the BB19 finale. Not only that, but the BB showmance duo of hottie and the grouch will be on Amazing Race Season 30, according to the Hollywood Reporter‘s Brian Porreca. He tweeted last night that it was a “shocker” and that Cody and Jessica “will be on the Amazing Race.” This is happy news for Jody fans.

Cody and Jessica have more reality TV in their future!

You might remember that Cody asked Jessica to try and get them on the show. Considering that CBS tapped Jessica for an upcoming episode of The Bold and the Beautiful that she filmed this month, that means she’s already in touch with CBS casting. And given that Cody won America’s Favorite Houseguest last night, Amazing Race should love that he (and them as a couple) has built-in fans.

In fact, if the reality show news, which was also reported by Carter Matt, is true, they will be the third Big Brother showmance to make the leap from BB to Amazing Race. BB13‘s Brendon and Rachel ran The Amazing Race Season 20 finishing in third place. They also played in an all-star race season again finishing in third. BB11‘s Jeff and Jordan ran Race Season 16 and finished in seventh place.

Paul shuts down Christmas romance

Another update from the interviews after the Big Brother 19 finale is that Paul has zero interest in pursuing a romance with Christmas outside the game. Christmas confessed while cam talking in the game that she had feelings for the vet player, and it sure seemed that Paul was encouraging her to explore them. Unfortunately for Christmas Joy, it seems that Paul was playing her like he played everyone else.

The Hollywood Reporter asked Paul about Christmas, and he said, “I’m the showmance killer,” adding, “I don’t get into showmances.” K-FROG talked to Christmas who tried to deny saying he made her “heart flutter,” saying she was delusional. She finally said she had a “little crush” on him. Paul spoke on the live feeds a few times about his “little burrito” and some on social media claimed this is the mystery girl.

Christmas will be disappointed with the lack of reciprocation from Paul but might find love on another reality show. Dr. Will asked Christmas if she’d like to come back and play Big Brother once her physical therapy was done, in roughly nine months, or try “crushing it on Survivor,” and she said she would “love to be called for Survivor.” Will encouraged Christmas fans to get hashtags trending to support her.


Raven gained sanity in the end

Finally, one last point of interest from last night’s jury roundtable and post-eviction interviews is the abrupt transformation of Raven. All season long on Big Brother 19, fans watched Raven talk constantly (and sometimes crazy) in her “Arkansassy” accent. On the BB19 post-show, her accent was virtually non-existent as you can see in the video above where she talked with Dr. Will.

Dr. Will also complimented Raven for having a good grip on the game and said, of the three-hour jury roundtable (of which only 10 minutes aired), she was articulate and intelligent. This begs the question of whether Raven’s accent and over-the-top antics were part of her gameplay. Also, in Matt’s post-BB19 interview, he said his showmance with Raven was real and destined to last.

With last night’s finale and the interviews, BB19 has wound down, and that means no more meatballs, no more friendship, no more banging pots and pans, bullying, and no drawers crammed with used condoms. Check back soon for scoops and Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.

[Featured Image by Monty Brinson/CBS]

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