‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Does Anyone Deserve ‘BB19’ America’s Favorite Player? A Look At AFP Odds

Big Brother 19 spoilers for tonight’s season finale center on a bitter jury and whether Paul can overcome his opponent, assuming he makes it to the final two. But a more interesting race might be for BB19‘s America’s Favorite Player (AFP). Kevin’s family has been lobbying hard for the elder statesman to walk away with the popularity prize, while Jessica has been offering bribes in the form of a meme contest to drive votes for Cody. But will either of these two evicted houseguests win it? And in this season, one that’s been ceaselessly and vocally criticized by Big Brother fans, who deserves the $25,000 check?

In polls by BBFeedster and Big Brother Network, Cody and Kevin are the top two contenders for AFP, with Jason in third place. Cody has a sizeable lead over Kevin in these online polls, but these might not reflect the voting public. To vote for BB19 America’s Favorite Player, you must have an active account with CBS All Access (even if it was just a one-week free trial) and you could vote up to 20 times a day per account. Voting is closed, and that means the lock is in and we’ll find out AFP tonight.

Let’s take a look at the houseguests in the running and what they’ve said and done this season that might impact their chance to win this season’s Big Brother AFP.


Cody made disturbing comments

One big deal for many Big Brother 19 fans is Cody’s flagrant and mocking use of the word “tranny” discussing transgender individuals. You can see in the video above that Cody went on a mini-tirade about transgenders that disturbed many fans, and he then asked other houseguests if they think they’ll come after a “Marine corps infantryman for f****ing saying the word tranny?”

On another occasion, he brought up transgender people again and said he couldn’t be expected to “sympathize with their psychological cause.” Cody, along with Jason, also threw out slurs about former BB houseguest Audrey Middleton, who is trans. Should an AFP be chosen that was choosing to be so deliberately offensive on a sensitive social subject?

Kevin gave troublesome life lessons

While Kevin seems paternal and kindly, some of his words of wisdom were dodgy. Kevin told Christmas he wanted to date her, told Jason he’d fallen in love with Christmas, and in the same week, was offering advice to the young men in the house about how to get away with cheating. He also advised Ramses on how to cheat at pool and which end of a pool cue to use in a bar fight. Is this a guy that deserves AFP?

Jason made “jokes” about rape

BB19‘s Jason seems like a good old boy, but he made several rape jokes that were off-color. He talked about backdooring Raven, but then turned the remark sexual and said he would hold her while the other guys took turns with her. Jason also said if Kevin put any of his allies on the block, he would “f*** your wife” and “tie up all your daughters and make them f***ing watch.” That’s pretty disturbing stuff.

Alex bullied, Josh and Christmas harassed, and Paul fanned the flames

Alex and Paul are in fourth and fifth place, respectively, in the Big Brother Network AFP popularity poll. But does either deserve the bonus cash? Alex played a brutal game that was often cruel, even throwing out slop to leave Kevin hungry. Meanwhile, Paul actively encouraged houseguests to attack one another and stirred the pot that made the Big Brother 19 house a pretty toxic environment this season.

Next on the poll are Josh and Christmas at fifth and sixth. Josh terrorized the house for weeks before he calmed down. His antics were so outrageous that he was nearly assaulted by Mark and Kevin. Christmas got pretty nasty at times and called herself a “destroyer of souls” who “will murder peoples’ families.” Plus, Josh spent half the season crying and Christmas admitted she was frequently high on pain pills. AFP or not?

Jessica went down fighting, while Mark was emotional

Jessica and Mark ranked seventh and eighth in the poll and Jessica is the one pre-jury evictee to rank above jury players. Jessica has been advocating for Cody for AFP and made critical mistakes in her gameplay while focusing all her attention on Cody. Mark, however, is another case. As a former fat guy turned muscle-bound hottie, he’s admitted he’s a big teddy bear and cried often.

The rest of the herd

Interestingly, number nine on BBN‘s poll is Cameron who never even got to play Big Brother. His placement is interesting because of all the houseguests that made it much further in the game, yet ranked so much lower in the poll than a house guest we didn’t get to know or see play the game. Raven and Matt are 10 and 11 on the list, and it’s surprising they didn’t rank lower based on BB19 fan comments.

The rest of the BBN poll rankings fell in this order: Ramses, Dominique, Elena, and Jillian. Ramses was out early, and Dominique trusted the wrong people while speaking in tongues. Elena claimed she was there to advance her career, and poor Jillian was blindsided before she got to play much game. Would the voting public hand AFP to any of these houseguests?

There are just a few minutes left before tonight’s live Big Brother 19 finale and fans will see if Paul makes the final two and can sway the jury his way. We’ll also find out who landed AFP among a bevy of less-than-worthy candidates. Check back soon for the final Big Brother 19 spoilers and results.

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