Chicago Bus Driver Passes Out, Smashes Nearly Two Dozen Parked Cars

Chicago, IL – A bus driver reportedly passed out while behind the wheel, resulting in damage to nearly two dozen parked cars.

Fortunately for all involved, no one was killed when the Chicago Transit Authority employee nodded out while piloting the large vehicle. Witnesses told CBS Chicago that the accident caused around 20 cars to stack up like toys. Total damages are estimated at around $250,000.

“It was like chaos everywhere. All these cars were waiting for the lights, and then everybody was out checking to see if everybody was OK, if anybody got hurt,” one Chicago resident who witnessed the accident explained.

DNAinfo Chicago explains the bus driver who passed out on the job was taken to an area hospital for treatment. A passenger who was in the bus at the time also required medical assistance. Both individuals are believed to be in fair-to-serious condition as of this writing.

A Chicago Transit Authority spokesperson said the driver experienced some sort of medical condition at around 9 am on Friday morning. It’s currently unclear what caused the man to lose consciousness while operating the bus.

“I came out [of my apartment] and I was like ‘Oh my god. It looks like a movie scene outside,” explained 36-year-old Marie Williams. “I’m just grateful that we weren’t on our way to the car or in the car. The car can be replaced. A life can’t.”

ABC News explains that CTA officials have launched an investigation into the matter.

As strange as it may sound, this isn’t the first time a bus driver has passed out behind the wheel this month. According to CBS Minnesota, a 12-year-old girl managed to get her school bus under control when the driver lost consciousness while on the job. Her quick thinking ultimately saved several lives.

“Of course I realized it could have been a much more serious situation,” explained the heroic pre-teen’s father.

What do you think about the Chicago bus driver who passed out behind the wheel?

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