‘Underground’ Content In ‘The Division’ Improved In Patch 1.8, Hunters And Checkpoints Confirmed

New zones, a PvE horde mode, and the PvP Skirmish mode are all part of the upcoming update to Tom Clancy’s The Division. The patch is filled with new features, but it will also include improvements to existing content. In fact, the game’s first DLC is receiving a major update when patch 1.8 releases. Underground owners will find more reasons to complete the random subterranean content.

Improved loot, Hunter adversaries, new directives, and checkpoints are all included to enhance the player experience in Underground content. Bosses and Hunters will both have a chance to drop exotic gear after the update. Hunters have a chance to spawn in Underground sessions on hard or challenging difficulty. A number of Hunters that spawn is the same as the party size plus one additional mob, according to developers in the state of the game address on Twitch.

Five new directives will be available for players to select instead of the existing five currently in the game. New directives include one called “Electrotech” that makes players’ cooldowns faster on their abilities while disrupting their UI. Another new directive is “Shock Ammo,” giving agents of The Division electrified ammunition. However, if a player uses the ammo too often, the agent will be shocked instead.

Underground missions in The Division will use checkpoints

Finally, players will be able to make use of checkpoints in Underground missions. If a group wipes, they will no longer completely fail the session and be sent back to the hub. Instead, players will be pushed back to a recent midpoint of a phase or the beginning of the current phase. Not to mention, there will be a new weekly Underground mission assignment offering weekly rewards, according to the overview on the game’s website.

The testing phase for patch 1.8 will begin on PC tomorrow. A console test is also tentatively scheduled for September 26. Players of The Division will be able to sign up for the console test beforehand. The first testing phase on PC will focus on new Classified Gear sets, the Gear Optimization system, Rogue 2.0, Skirmish PvP, and West Side Piers dynamic spawning. Players can expect to see new five- and six-piece bonuses for the Banshee, the D3-FNC, the FireCrest, the Hunters Faith, the Nomad, and the Predator’s sets.

The Division 1.8 changes Underground DLC in major ways

Update 1.8 also includes more PvE options in addition to the Underground improvements. Players can test their prowess in the new Resistance horde mode. This endless mode gets harder with each wave completed. After finishing wave 15, enemies become more difficult than the ones found in legendary difficulty. As the Inquisitr reported, bosses in Resistance can drop their special gear, and Resistance Caches have a chance to include exotic items.

There is no release date in sight for the 1.8 patch yet. Players can expect several phases of testing before the free update is added to The Division.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]