Did Kailyn Lowry Trick Her Ex Into Getting Her Pregnant With Baby Lo?

Kailyn Lowry’s life has been filled with drama, and the latest piece of gossip is that she tricked her ex, Chris Lopez, into getting her pregnant with their newest bundle of joy, Baby Lo. Kail has admitted on Teen Mom 2 that the decision to get pregnant was conscious, though she knew that she might have some difficulties relating to complications. The mom-of-three’s pregnancy was considered incredibly high risk, and she later revealed that her doctor was very worried she wouldn’t carry Baby Lo to full-term.

Kailyn Lowry has already candidly discussed that she was told at one point that if she were to have more children, she would need to have IVF. She doesn’t necessarily explain why this is the case, but told her ex, Jo Rivera, that she wasn’t on birth control due to that fact.

However, according to reports, her ex and father of Baby Lo, Chris Lopez, feels that he was duped into a pregnancy that he didn’t want. The Hollywood Gossip reports that he would be perfectly fine never seeing Kail again but will make plans to do so in order to be in his son’s life. Sources say that Chris is having a hard time forgiving Kail because she may have “tricked him.”


The reality TV star was reluctant to reveal the identity of the father of her third child because she was unsure if he would want to be involved in Baby Lo’s life. Although rumors have swirled that Chris’ mother may be pushing for grandparents’ rights for the child, it seems Chris is actually coming into the baby’s life more often than Kail actually expected.

The mom-of-three had reportedly not picked out a name for her youngest son until just this week, even though he is already almost two months old. She revealed that she and her friend Bone went to the hospital to register her son’s new name and put all of the suggestions into a bag. They drew a name and that is what Kailyn Lowry has decided to name her son. She is, however, keeping it secret until she can reveal it online.


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