Derrick Rose Has Support From LeBron James To Get A Big Contract Next Year

Since leaving the Chicago Bulls in the 2016 offseason, Derrick Rose has been low-balled in contract talks. Rose was the richest free agent this summer because of his five-year, $94.3 million contract. Also, Rose earned big money from his endorsement earnings. However, money wasn’t in Rose’s favor this offseason.

In free agency, every team Rose talked to wanted to sign him to a mid-level exception contract. After making $94 million in five years, did anyone think Rose would take an MLE contract?

Averaging an efficient 18 points shooting 47 percent, plus 55.7 percent on shots at the rim, and ranking fourth in the NBA in points off of drives would be enough to earn at least $8 million-plus per year. However, Rose isn’t the typical point guard for this modern era of basketball due to his poor three-point shooting and lack of passing.

Rose found one team he was willing to accept the MLE contract for and that was the 2016 NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. It wasn’t about the money for Rose on this contract; he just wanted to prove to people that he could still play basketball and compete for a championship.

Rose will get the opportunity to prove to people that he can still play basketball at the highest level. Maybe Rose gambled on himself to get more money next season. LeBron James will help Rose earn a lot of funds on his next deal.

Rose guarding LeBron James

LeBron was reportedly motivated to help Rose earn the big contract. Dave McMenamin of ESPN appeared on The Jump and said James is invested in Rose’s career.

“I’ve also heard that LeBron is invested in Derrick Rose’s career so he can get that next contract.”

In all actuality, LeBron actually owes Rose one because, after all, James was the main reason Rose and the Chicago Bulls never reached the finals.

Rose signed a one-year, $2.1 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With Isaiah Thomas out for several months due to his hip injury, Rose can consider himself a starter. In addition, Rose is already getting off to a great start with the Cavs, according to McMenamin. Cavs legend King James has invited his teammates to come workout with him in Santa Barbara, California, for pre-camp training. According to McMenamin, Rose is “killing it.”

Whatever happens next season for Rose will reflect on this upcoming season.

[Featured Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]