Cheryl Burke Finds Abby Lee Miller ‘Traumatized’ Girls On ‘Dance Moms’: Video Of ‘Craziest Moments’

Former Dancing with the Stars dance pro Cheryl Burke has stepped in as a replacement for Abby Lee Miller on the show Dance Moms, and she’s stunned by what she’s seen so far. Burke, who has taken the place of the often “loud-mouthed” Abby, has learned that these girls were traumatized by Abby’s behavior.

Cheryle, who is not a “yeller,” sees herself as “strict,” and her goal is to mentor these girls without ruling over them. The former Dancing with the Stars dance pro has heard things from the girls about Abby and her teaching methods that have left these girls very insecure. If you need a reminder of how Abby operated, the video at the end of this article, titled “Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller’s Craziest Moments,” is like a refresher course.

Cheryl conveyed how it was “tough” for the girls with Abby at the helm and she’s seen a lot of tears, anger, and insecurity come out of their mentorship under their now-incarcerated dance teacher. Abby is doing a 366-day sentence for a fraud conviction, according to Fox News. She’s celebrating her 51st birthday behind bars today, which is much different from her birthdays when was on top with Dance Moms.

According to E! News, Abby won’t be the special guest of a “lavish party” or going to a competition with her students this year for her birthday. That’s not in the cards for Abby, as she is doing her sentence at the FCI Victorville prison in California. That’s probably not a place that will go overboard celebrating anyone’s birthday.

After spending time with the girls, Cheryl was shocked at what she heard from the young dancers.

She said, “They said they’ve been traumatized by Abby and her teaching methods. That’s a shame because with teenagers it’s so important to mentor them. I’m not a yeller. But I am strict. I tell it how it is, especially with the mothers because I come from the original dance mom. She was hard on me, but in the right way.”

It seems that Cheryl has set her goal to mentor the girls by doing away with the yelling and screaming tactics that her predecessor used to control the girls. As far as the dance mothers are concerned, Cheryl is well acquainted with what comes along with dance moms, as her mother was one.

Cheryl let the girls know that making a transition from dancing to Hollywood is not an easy one, but she is willing to work with the girls on their goals. She also said how these girls all want to make it in this business, but from now on, they won’t be screamed at and traumatized in an attempt to make that happen. Check out some of “Abby’s craziest moments” from Dance Moms in the video below.

[Feature Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]