Retired Racehorse Metro Meteor A Painter Of Abstract Art [Video]

Rocky Ridge, MD – A retired racehorse named “Metro Meteor” is certainly not the next Picasso, but he is a painter of abstract art pieces. The former racehorse was crippled by bad knees, ending his racing career after winning eight races and $300,000 in prize money at famous horse tracks like Belmont and Saratoga. This horse is spending his retirement in an interesting manner: painting for charity.

Ron and Wendy Krajewski of Gettysburg adopted Metro Meteor for his retirement at Motters Station Stables in Rocky Ridge. According to CBS, Ron is an avid painter who had the idea of teaching the horse how to paint as well:

“He used to just bob his head up and down when we first got him off the track.”

After leaning how to grasp a brush, Metro took it from there:

“You can see how impatient he gets when he doesn’t have a brush.”

This messy painter managed to splatter “paint on CBS 21 News Sports Director Jason Bristol and photojournalist David Oliver while creating his latest masterpiece.”

The horsey works of art can be classified as abstract art, the style that made Picasso famous. But this racehorse is not just having fun; he has become a philanthropist.

Horse trainer Bridget Dougherty of Motters Station Stables says the proceeds from each painting by Metro Meteor go to helping adopt other horses in addition to paying for Metro’s care:

“There’s a huge need. Thousands every year go into adoption centers looking for a home.”

Metro Meteor’s paintings typically sell out quickly even though the the artwork is priced between $40 and $300. In the three weeks Metro’s been painting, all of his pieces have sold, according to Ron.

If you watch the video of Metro Meteor painting, it sure seems like he really enjoys art. Although, it may just be a matter of good training. This story reminds me of another retired “racehorse” who likes painting dogs.

What do you think of Metro Meteor and his abstract artwork? Would you buy a painting to hang on your wall?

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