Song Joong-Ki Not Satisfied With His Performance In ‘The Battleship Island’

There is no denying that Song Joong-ki is one of the most popular South Korean actors of this generation. The 32-year-old star is popularly known for portraying the role of Gu Yong-ha in the 2010 historical drama titled Sungkyunkwan Scandal. His fan base grew farther after he starred in Korean romantic hit drama Descendants of the Sun.

Recently, Joong-ki sat down with Marie Claire Korea and discussed the controversy hounding his latest movie The Battleship Island. The fiancé of Song Hye-kyo divulged to the publication that he was badly hurt by the criticisms. The actor even shared that he, himself, is not satisfied with his own performance in the film.

“I did feel distressed at the film’s box-office failure and criticism of the film. But I thought at that time, I need to reflect more objectively. I have regrets that if I had done better, I could have conveyed the message of the film to more of the audience.”

Many viewers slammed the movie since the Korean characters were, allegedly, depicted as evil compared to the Japanese personalities. For starters, The Battleship Island revolves around the journey of 400 Korean workers during World War II who tried to escape Hashima Island after they were forced to work by the Japanese. Aside from Song Joong-ki, other stars who starred in the movie include Hwang Jung-min as Lee Kang-ok, So Ji-sub as Cho Chil-sung, and Lee Jung-hyun as Oh Mal-nyeon.

Despite the controversies, Joong-ki said that he hopes to expand his filmography in the near future. The actor added that he wants to explore various cultures on his upcoming projects. He also revealed that he learned a lot after working with veteran actors in the Korean historical-action film.

Meanwhile, AllKpop previously reported that Song Joong-ki turned down an offer for a lead role in the upcoming Kingdom miniseries. The eight-episode show, which is directed by Kim Sung-hoon and Kim Eun-hee, is set to premiere in 2018 via Netflix. Song Hye-kyo’s beau reportedly rejected the deal to focus more on his up and coming wedding.

Rumors are rife that Joong-ki would take a break from the limelight after marrying Song Hye-kyo. In fact, the actor previously told Strait Times that he would not be working with his soon-to-be wife anytime soon. He said it would be hard for them to work on the same production together.

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are set to marry on October 31 at Shilla Hotel in Seoul City, South Korea. Stay tuned for more news and updates about the Descendants of the Sun stars!

[Featured Image by Kin Cheung/AP Images]