North Korean Defector Says Kim Jong Un Has Teen Sex Slaves

A North Korean defector is sharing stories and details about the private life of the nation’s 33-year-old Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Hee Yeon Lim, 26, fled the country with her family in 2015. In an interview with the Mirror, Hee Yeon — whose name was changed by the publication for her safety — said before her father Colonel Wui Yeon Lim died at the age of 51, he was a high-ranking military soldier who was a member of Kim’s secretive inner circle.

Hee Yeon, who claimed to have personally met Kim, said she observed government officials pick out the “prettiest” teen girls from school, bring them to Kim Jong Un’s home, and force them to serve him as sex slaves. She said girls who were selected to serve Kim were taught to massage him as well as feed him caviar and “bird’s nest soup,” an expensive delicacy made from bird saliva.

The defector said girls who angered the dictator, including by becoming pregnant, would be taken away. “They have to sleep with him, and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear,” she said, according to the Mirror.

She added that when Kim was done with the girls, they often were allowed to marry a high-ranking official.

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“Everybody in Pyongyang openly supports Kim Jong-un because they would be killed if they didn’t. Even his inner-circle. You can be killed for the slightest thing, like disloyalty,” Hee Yeon said.

The young woman said that as a 19-year-old, she had been ordered to halt her studies for six months in order to go through military drills to participate in one of Kim’s female soldier parades, which she described as a sham.

Hee Yeon also described an occasion when she and her classmates were forced to watch government officials torture, execute, and abuse the remains of 11 musicians accused of making a pornographic video, according to the New York Post. She said the gruesome incident left her “desperately ill” for days afterward.

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The defector said that despite claims from North Korean officials, her father’s salary was meager and mostly supplemented by bribery. She said that the bribery economy helped her escape; the driver who smuggled her out of the country “was handing out bribes all of the way to China,” she told the Mirror.

North Korea has alarmed the international community in recent weeks, according to ABC News, amidst the country’s decision to send multiple missiles over Japan and the increasingly aggressive exchanges North Korea is holding with the United States.

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