Who Won ‘MasterChef’ 2017 Tonight? Season 8 Finale Results

We had a familiar face back on MasterChef 2017 tonight, as former judge Joe Bastianich returned to help pick the winner of MasterChef Season 8. It was finale time, as the final three home cooks were battling for the crown and $250,000 prize, but who won MasterChef 2017 tonight? Find out the MasterChef Season 8 finale results below.

Heading into the two-hour finale tonight, we had three home cooks remaining: Dino Angelo Luciano, Eboni Henry, and Jason Wang. From the beginning of this season, Eboni and Jason have been frontrunners and might be fighting for that $250,000. Dino has been riding a roller coaster this season, so you never know what you are going to get from him and his dishes.

They had one more challenge and pressure test to get through and then it was time for the final challenge of the season before the judges on MasterChef Season 8 picked the winner.

After that final challenge, we found out that all three home cooks would be cooking in the finale. They would be creating a three-course meal for the judges and the winner would be picked from these dishes. The home cooks were feeling the pressure on this one, as they all wanted to win.

The first two dishes were served and it seemed to be a pretty even race, as chef Gordon Ramsay said it all came down to the desserts. This was the truth, as the home cooks gave it their all for the final dish. The judges were impressed, but that was not always the case for the judges this season.

When it was all said and done, the judges discussed the final three home cooks. It was a tight race, but they finally made a decision on MasterChef 2017 and it was time for Gordon Ramsay to make the announcement.

After all of the challenges and eliminations on MasterChef Season 8, viewers finally found out the winning home cook. The winner of MasterChef 2017 is Dino Angelo Luciano, taking home a cookbook deal and $250,000. This probably shocked most of the fans watching the finale, since he was an underdog heading into tonight.

What did you think of the results on MasterChef Season 8 tonight?

[Featured Image by David Buchan/Getty Images]