‘Days Of Our Lives’ Recap And Spoilers: Eric And Nicole Confess Their Feelings, But Will They Tell Each Other?

Todays episode of Days of Our Lives began with Lucas waking up in the hospital, scared and confused. Toward the end of Tuesday’s episode, Days viewers watched as Kate and Jennifer found him unconscious on the floor of the church. Lucas now finds himself restrained to a hospital bed.

Jennifer, Kate, and Maggie rushed into the room when they heard Lucas yelling. Although Maggie found a rehab center close by that has an opening, Lucas denied that he has a problem and refused to partake in any form of help offered. Fans of NBC’s Days of Our Lives listened as Kayla informed Lucas he had severe alcohol poisoning and almost died. She stated, “you will not be as lucky next time.”

The three women took turns begging Lucas to get the help that he needs. Jennifer tried to get his attention, telling him that she, of all people, knows what he is going through. Kate pleaded with him, yelling “I love you.” Lucas stubbornly replied, “I don’t want your love, tough or otherwise.”

Days of Our Lives fans, most of whom are wishing the best for Lucas, were let down today. Lucas lost all will to live when Adrienne, who is actually an imposter named Bonnie, broke off their engagement. After claiming himself to be a “big fat nothing,” Lucas discharged himself from the hospital. Unfortunately for the well-being of our beloved Lucas, nobody had any legal right to hold him against his will.

On yesterday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Chloe made a visit to the Kiriakis mansion and asked Brady for a loan. She had plans of purchasing club TBD and needed money. On today’s episode of Days, Chloe joined forces with Julie and they bought the club together. There is bound to be fireworks between the two on future Days of Our Lives episodes.

Days of Our Lives picked up right where it left off in yesterday’s cliffhanger. Nicole touched Eric’s hand and the two locked eyes, moving into what appeared to be an inevitable kiss. Nicole, finding that she was too close for comfort, broke the spell and excused herself from the office, claiming that she had some errands to run during her lunch break. Days fans tweeted about the scene.

In the town square, Nicole ran into Abe. After a bit of hesitation, Nicole admitted to Abe that she has now realized that she does, in fact, have feelings for her ex-fiancee. She told Abe of Brady’s jealousy, which began with her community service at the Horton Center. Abe encourages her to stop working so close to Eric if she wishes her relationship with Brady to survive.

Now worried that Nicole will leave him for Eric, Brady has decided he must stop Nicole from working at the Horton Center. While Nicole was out for lunch, Brady confronted his brother. Eric admitted that he has been in love with Nicole since returning to Salem, six or seven months ago. Brady demanded Nicole be terminated from her position at the center, thereby keeping his own hands clean in Nicole’s eyes.

In response to Brady’s demand Eric said, “Because I care about her, she should lose her job.” Brady responded with a quick and factual, “yes.” When Nicole returned from her lunch break, Eric informed her that they needed to have a discussion before heading back to work.

Days of Our Lives fans, what do you think Eric wants to talk to Nicole about? Will he follow Brady’s demands and fire Nicole from her job, or will he finally confess his feelings to her?

[Feature Image By Mike Moore/Getty Images]