Ivanka Trump Clowned On Twitter For Using ‘Otherwise’ Incorrectly

Ivanka Trump is gaining plenty of the wrong kind of attention on Twitter due to the way Ivanka used the word “otherwise.” It’s not the first time that Ivanka has caught flak for using words like “otherwise” incorrectly, or for claiming that she doesn’t know the meaning of a word. As reported by the Inquisitr, Ivanka once told CBS that she didn’t know what the word “complicit” meant. After that interview went viral, Ivanka’s ignorance of the word “complicit” inspired an SNL sketch about the word and prompted Merriam-Webster to answer questions about another word Ivanka used correctly – the word “conflate.” Well, it seems time for Merriam-Webster to tweet the definition of the word “otherwise,” which is defined as follows by the publication.

“Something or anything else: something to the contrary. Was ordered to testify and could not do otherwise.”

That definition of “otherwise” made Ivanka’s below tweet all the more confusing, when Trump wrote that cuddling with her new nephew Luke was the “best part of an otherwise incredible day.” Ivanka also posted a photo of herself holding her new nephew Luke, but Ivanka’s caption made it seem as though her day was incredible, except for the “otherwise” non-incredible moment of holding her nephew.

As seen in the top photo above from Tuesday, September 19, Ivanka left the United Nations in the wake of listening to President Donald Trump give his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. The baby Luke at the center of Ivanka’s “otherwise” tweet is the newborn son of Eric Trump and his wife, Lara, according to the Daily Mail. A search for “Ivanka otherwise” on Twitter features plenty of quips like the ones listed below, which use the word “otherwise” in differing ways to criticize Ivanka and the Trump administration at large. With all the jokes and memes about Ivanka’s incorrect use of the word “otherwise,” Ivanka likely knows the definition of the word “otherwise” today. Some folks are joking that due to the way Ivanka used “otherwise,” Ivanka could have made a Freudian slip about the dislike of her nephew.

“Ivanka is a terrible part of an otherwise horrific administration.”

“Trump is president, otherwise we’d have a great President!”

“Either Ivanka doesn’t know what ‘otherwise’ means, or she just admitted she f***ing hates her little nephew Luke.”


[Featured Image by John Moore/Getty Images]