WWE News: The Undertaker To Make Rare Appearance After His ‘WrestleMania’ PPV Loss

Legendary WWE star The Undertaker is set to make his first major appearance since his match at the WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view. At that PPV, fans watched as Taker not only lost in the main event match to Roman Reigns but seemed to retire from professional wrestling after the loss. Since then, fans have yet to see “The Deadman” surface anywhere near a WWE ring, not even to speak about what happened. At an upcoming event, fans may be able to ask him all about it as they get a chance to meet with “The Phenom” at a rare public appearance.

It was recently announced that The Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, is scheduled to appear at the upcoming ACE Comic-Con event. The convention will take place in Long Island, New York from December 8th through 10th. It will be an inaugural event for ACE Universe, a brand new pop culture convention brought to life by Wizard World’s original founder Gareb Sheamus. In addition to Taker appearing, there are five actors who will star in the upcoming DC Comics Justice League movie also among the scheduled guests for the convention. They include Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Henry Cavill (The Man of Steel), and Jason Mamoa who will play the role of “Aquaman” in the new film.

WWE The Undertaker appearing at rare event

The Newsarama website reported ACE Universe President Stephen Shamus’ comments about their excitement to have this upcoming convention.

“We can’t wait for seasoned Comic Con fans to experience our events, and we’re excited to introduce all new types of fans into this incredible world, many of whom have never enjoyed a Comic Con before. Families can now enjoy a curated experience with access to top name Film and TV talent, artists, writers and other creative professionals.”

It marks a rare appearance for one of WWE’s biggest secrets right now. The Undertaker has been laying low, pun intended, since his WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns. That main event match saw Reigns go over as he was eventually able to put down “The Deadman” with a barrage of his trademark moves to get the pinfall. Post-match, Taker removed much of his signature ring gear and placed it in a pile in the center of the ring before heading to ringside to kiss his wife, Michelle McCool. Taker showed his ring rust and age in the ring but still put on a decent match.

WWE the undertaker left ring gear at wrestlemania

There were reports he made a visit to New York for hip surgery soon after taking that second-ever loss on “the grandest stage of them all” and then other reports indicating he was in New York for SummerSlam. Now there have been non-stop rumors that he isn’t actually retired. One rumor suggests he’ll show up at No Mercy and that a match against John Cena could happen at Survivor Series. That would give Taker an appearance ahead of this convention.

Either way, it’s not often that fans get to meet one of the biggest legends in WWF and WWE wrestling history in person. Since it’s still uncertain what the future holds for Mark Calaway’s career, this opportunity seems like a great one for professional wrestling enthusiasts to meet The Undertaker and get his autograph on an item or two.

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