Why Will Tamar Braxton's 'Blue Bird Of Happiness' Be Her Last Album? She Responds

Tamar Braxton is finally speaking out after telling fans via social media that her upcoming album Blue Bird of Happiness will be her last, while also addressing her feud with Tiny Harris and the swirling divorce and pregnancy rumors.

Tamar shocked fans last week after she called her upcoming release her "best and last album" in an Instagram post, and now she's speaking out about why she seemingly made the big announcement that she's retiring from the music scene 17 years after she released her debut album.

Amid the swirling pregnancy rumors, Braxton addressed her reference to Blue Bird of Happiness being her last album in a new Instagram Live video with fans on September 19 where she spoke for the first time about her shocking confession.

After a fan asked her via the social media app why she called the album her last, Tamar played coy and refused to explain her announcement but teased that all would be revealed soon.

Telling the fan who asked why she called the album her last that she wasn't going to discuss that during her quick four-minute live stream, she then claimed that she'd talk about it "later" but didn't specify exactly when.

"You'll understand," she continued in the video. Tamar then quoted her father and told viewers, "You'll understand it better by and by."

Tamar left fans reeling last week after she nonchalantly referred to Blue Bird of Happiness as being her last album and had a number of her followers speculating that she could be quitting music.

The comments section of her Instagram post got pretty heated as her followers reacted to the news.

"I can't believe this my heart is seriously broken," one fan wrote after hearing the star's news. "[Tamar] this can't be your last album."

"How dare you say last album you have a God given gift," another hit back.

Other followers even accused Tamar of lying and looking for attention by claiming that Blue Bird of Happiness would be her last album, though she hasn't responded to the allegations.

But while Braxton wasn't ready to reveal exactly why she announced that her new album – set for release on September 29 – will be her last, Tamar did speak about her feud with Tiny Harris in the Instagram Live video after confirming that she would be heading out on tour with T.I.'s estranged wife and her Xscape bandmates.

The Braxton Family Values reality star said that she was "so excited" to hit the road with Tiny and her bandmates, despite the two throwing some nasty shade at each other last year. Tamar even called her her "best friend" while confirming that she'll be joining the singer in Las Vegas this weekend for a charity basketball event.

Also joining the upcoming tour is singer Monica, who Tamar also had some serious beef with last year after she was fired from The Real.

Braxton's latest announcements come amid a whole lot of speculation over the current state of her marriage to husband Vince Herbert.

Why Will Tamar Braxton's 'Blue Bird Of Happiness' Be Her Last Album?
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After the singer broke down in tears during an Instagram Live video earlier this month, Tamar's been plagued with both pregnancy and divorce rumors. She appeared to address the speculation in her September 19 chat with her followers when thanking her fans for "picking her up" and supporting her.

She also appeared to address the Vince drama on Instagram this week in a cryptic message.

"It's about letting go... and trusting that Gods journey is JUST for you. If you look you will find it," the "My Man" singer cryptically wrote but didn't explain exactly who or what she was referring to. "It's been right in front of you this ENTIRE time! The ANSWER. The ONE. The Love. The YOU!!"

Tamar Braxton's "last" album, Blue Bird of Happiness, is set for release on September 29.

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