Chris Rock Quietly Settles Lawsuit Involving A Forgetful Hungarian Model, A Kleenex, And Pellicano

Chris Rock has quietly settled a breach of confidentiality lawsuit, itself based on an outlandish case that has dogged him for over a decade.

A convoluted case by anyone’s standards, its components involve a forgetful Hungarian model, a paternity suit, an alleged kleenex tissue, and the jailed private investigator-enforcer Anthony Pellicano.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the background to this case is a claim made by model Monika Zsibrita who alleges that Rock attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him in a Beverley Hills Four Seasons Hotel in 1998.

Despite this alleged unsavory version of events, Zsibrita then claimed that she and Rock went out for a second date (that’s the forgetful bit) and then claimed Rock forced her to have sexual intercourse.

After Zsibrita fell pregnant, she brought a paternity suit against Rock, but two subsequent DNA tests proved that Rock wasn’t the father. As a result Zsibrita dropped the paternity action in September 2001, and she and Rock signed a confidentiality agreement, the San Marino Tribune reports.

A line seemed to have been drawn.

Monika Zsibrita

However, Zsibrita later filed a civil suit against Rock in 2008 in Los Angeles’ Superior Court claiming that the comedian had breached their confidentiality agreement. Her suit didn’t only name Rock but also Pellicano, various police officials, and the Pacific Bell Telephone Company.

Listed in Zsibrita’s complaint were claims of breach of contract, invasion of privacy, intrusion, trespass, wiretapping and more.

According to the San Marino Tribune, the model’s complaint noted that Rock had spoken about the paternity lawsuit in a 2004 interview with shock radio jock, Howard Stern. It also cited Rock’s hiring of the now jailed Pellicano, a revelation which apparently emerged during Pellicano’s own wiretapping trial in 2008.

Court records reveal that, while giving testimony in Pellicano’s criminal case, Rock admitted that his lawyer had hired Pellicano to investigate Zsibrita after she filed the paternity suit.

Inevitably, Pellicano — an infamous private investigator currently serving 15 years in Big Springs Correctional Facility in Texas on 76 charges including identity theft, wire fraud, and racketeering, not to mention a prior charge involving hand grenades and explosives — complicated an already complicated case.

Zsibrita also alleged in her 2008 complaint that her house was broken into and that a picture of her daughter was taken, behavior, which is allegedly not out of the ordinary for those who found themselves on the wrong side of Pellicano, according to journalist Anita Busch.

During this later complaint, further alleged details about the original paternity lawsuit were made. Zsibrita claimed that she kept a “Kleenex tissue” of Rock’s sperm in a freezer. In addition, an extraordinary story about how the results of a blood test were transported also surfaced, the Hollywood Reporter notes.

Ultimately 12 of Zsibrita’s 13 claims were summarily dismissed by the judge. However, the judge refused to throw out the original contract breach claim despite a counter-argument of statute of limitations from Rock’s legal team.

After the notice of settlement was filed last week, Neville Johnson, Zsibrita’s attorney, told the San Marino Tribune “the matter has been resolved.”

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Brian Wolf of Lavely and Singer, who represented Rock, said the dispute had been “resolved amicably.”