‘Mad Pooper’ Eludes Cops, But Fertilizes Social Media: Female Jogger Squats, Defecates On Lawns

A bizarre crime has occurred on the sidewalks and lawns of a quiet neighborhood in Colorado Springs. Witnesses have seen a female jogger abruptly stop along her jogging route, squat, and literally defecate on the well-manicured lawns and chiseled sidewalks of the suburbs. She has been eyed about once a week with her pants down around her ankles and leaving a very bizarre calling card.

Reports indicate that this woman jogger has been defecating on other people’s property for at least a month, and reports of this jogger leaving her crass calling card have been reported to local police. What this woman is doing could have her facing charges of public defecation and indecent exposure, according to local ABC News in Colorado. After all, she is pulling her pants down to complete this activity in public.

Police are at a loss because they don’t know who she is and neither do the folks in the neighborhood she runs through, according to CBS local news. The Budde family managed to take a video of this female jogger, and they posted it online. That YouTube video is seen below at the end of the article.

Social media is already on this case with alternative nicknames for this woman. Twitter user, Mike Schmitt, offers his favorite nickname for the Mad Pooper, tweeting “Mine so far is Charmin Sandiego.” Others simply asked, “What is wrong with this woman,” like Valeria Vining, a Twitter user. A Huffington Post article suggests, “At least this runner brings her own paper and does her serial crapping on the ground ? and not on cars, inside cars or on a train platform.”

Folks online were quick to comment about the napkins she carries, and credit the woman for at least attempting to keep her undercarriage clean. Lisa Gutierrez writes, “At least she carries her own napkins.”

This started out as a local story, but now it has gone nationwide in the headlines. Will this woman be brazen enough to attempt this again? This is one of the many questions swirling around the social media sites today. From Twitter users commenting that this was a great story to talk about at work all day to people attempting to offer a theory about the mystery, such as “revenge pooping,” as suggested on Unofficial Networks.

The unknown Mad Pooper is “terrorizing Colorado Springs,” or at least that’s how Dead Spin describes these events.

According to an earlier article from Inquisitr, one woman had a confrontation with the jogger while she was, well, pooping. The woman didn’t seem fazed at all when she was questioned.

Police are asking if anyone happens to recognize this woman to please give them a call. This is “uncharted territory” for the police, said Sgt. Johnathan Sharketti. Quite a few folks have commented that it would be one thing if this woman was stuck doing this once for some emergency purpose, but she’s making a habit of it. This bizarre behavior is not an activity that the police deal with as a typical problem in the suburbs.

The social media sites are filled with amateur sleuths ready to get on this mysterious case, with some offering up the advice of taking a sample of her excrement and doing a DNA analysis. This woman is leaving paper towels behind with remnants of her quick stop and drop.

Police have asked Cathy Budde, who was the first to see and report this woman, to snap some pictures of the jogger and post them online to see if this helps with identifying the mystery jogger. A public “smear campaign” is now underway, attempting to shame this woman into stopping, according to News 11, which is discussed in the YouTube video below. Signs asking her to stop are now posted along the jogging route she takes, but she’s already been seen relieving herself in close proximity to one of those signs.

Since the Budde family first made their plight known with this jogger, other people have come forth with their stories about catching this woman in the act. According to News 11, the jogger has been witnessed pooping in a local Walgreens parking lot and two other residents’ backyards.

In all the cases reported, the woman makes no attempt to conceal herself or conceal what she is doing from the public. As seen in the video, the woman has white napkins or paper towels at the ready, as they are hanging out of her front pocket. Once she is done with the paperwork part of her deed, she leaves those white napkins behind as well as a pile of feces. She doesn’t appear to carry or attempt to use a doggy bag, which is what people do for their pups when they relieve themselves along the route of their walk.


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