Barbara Corcoran Explains Her Questionable Post-Dance Hand Placement On Keo Motsepe During ‘DWTS’ Premiere

The Dancing With the Stars Season 25 premiere left viewers with plenty to talk about, but the biggest social media buzz went to Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran. During her post-dance chat with the judges, it appeared that Corcoran inadvertently grabbed pro partner Keo Motsepe’s private parts, and social media had a field day with it.

The wealthy businesswoman had already gone full-on cougar during the Dancing With the Stars premiere as she talked about how her dance with the South African pro dancer was a “sexual turn on.” Corcoran also predicted that she would marry Keo, which is interesting considering she’s been married to FBI agent Bill Higgins for 28 years.

TMZ posted the video of Barbara Corcoran as her hand landed near Keo Motsepe’s crotch after their salsa dance. The 27-year-old pro dancer looked a little uncomfortable as he tried to move the 68-year-old Shark Tank star’s hand out of his way. But according to Corcoran, the whole thing was a misunderstanding and not an intentional “shark attack.”

“No, I have better aim than that!” Barbara told TMZ.“I was reaching for his hand and landed on his thigh and hung on for dear life.”

According to Us Weekly, Barbara Corcoran’s hand remained on Keo’s nether regions for a whopping 20 seconds, an eternity in TV time. But Barbara insists it was not a “crotch grab” at all.

“There was no crotch grab,” Corcoran told Us. “I just happened to land my hand on that very important part. And then I felt something in the way, and I moved away.”

Barbara Corcoran married her husband, Bill Higgins, before Keo was even born, and she shared the secret to her nearly 30-year marital success as “Being open to new possibilities.”

Barbara Corcoran’s husband did not attend the Dancing With the Stars premiere, and the Shark Tank star admits her marriage has taken a back seat as she works on “blossoming” her relationship with her DWTS partner. Corcoran even revealed that she asked her husband to move to the guest room, and she’s giving Keo Motsepe “comfortable accommodations.”

“I’ll do anything for Keo,” Corcoran dished. “All the things I used to do for my husband 22 years ago, I’m going to be doing to Keo now.”

Barbara Corcoran told her Dancing With the Stars partner, Keo Motsepe, to make his wish list now.

“Make your list, baby,” Corcoran said. “Whatever you want. No limit. You want an Aston Martin? You want a home in Malibu? Rolex watches? Don’t worry about it.”

Barbara Corcoran has already been very vocal about her attraction to Keo Motsepe. Hopefully, it’s just part of her act as she strives to win the mirrorball trophy, but she did give a tad too much information when she dished that rehearsals for the Dancing With the Stars premiere made her feel like a virgin.

“I feel like I lose my virginity every day in practice,” Barbara said. “Again and again and again and again.”

As for that non-existent crotch grab, it’s not the first time this has happened between partners on Dancing with the Stars. Last season, pro bull rider Bonner Bolton inadvertently grabbed pro dancer Sharna Burgess between the legs. The Aussie beauty quickly moved his hand away, but the cameras and eagle-eyed viewers caught the whole thing.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, an embarrassed Bolton addressed the “hand placement that went south,” explaining it was “totally unintentional.”

“I was just stargazed by Nick [Viall] and Peta [Murgatroyd’s] performance and I was looking at the TV screen,” Bonner explained to ET. “I felt her bump into me yet I wasn’t really looking at what was bumping into me.”

You can see Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe’s first Dancing with the Stars dance and her post-dance grab below.

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